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After wandering around the Cape Quarter with a couple of friends and trying on nice clothes we would probably never buy, we grabbed a coffee at Vida e Caffè and finally sat down on a bench to catch up about work. Suddenly something captured my attention, a shop window I had never noticed before. We decided to take a closer look at this curious looking colourful shop called Photoblox. Muriel, the lady working in the store, was very helpful and kind. The shop only opened in Green Point a few months ago, however it has been an established business for three years now, boasting a website where people can create and order their Photoblox.

Photo 22-06-15 11 12 38So what exactly is Photoblox? The idea sparked by founder, Roché Du Toit, was driven by a necessity: her cousin needed to print some pictures on wood. Roché realized that many other people would be interested in the same thing and so she set up her business.

So if you are just as interested as many others in decorating your home with beautifully created unique masterpieces, here are some tips to get started.

In order to create your own personal Photoblox there are three main steps:

– Choose the shape (square, circle, triangle and hexagon) and the size that suits you.

– Pick an image from your camera, phone or any Instagram account.

– Place your order and checkout online, or collect directly from the cosy shop at the Cape Quarter.

Photoblox is a cute and original idea for birthday presents or to decorate empty walls in your house. Most of their requests, Muriel explained, come from families who choose to keep their holiday memories in a unique way, rather than putting them in some ordinary frames. Other requests come from newly married couples who have chosen to display some of their memorable wedding pictures on wood.

The best and most surprising part about Photoblox pictures is that they are completely waterproof, and cannot be easily damaged. Photoblox also adapt their offering to a wide range of uses, for instance printing an image on furniture – e.g. a stool –  in order to make it more interesting, or even a table since the maximum capacity of printing goes up to 2.4 meters.

On their website you will find many creative Pinterest ideas where you can get some inspiration.

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