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Kos – Pop up bar

A green gem. Kos has made a name for itself, nestled at the top of the cobbled Napier Street. The café and restaurant boasts all day healthy breakfasts, freshly squeezed juices and amazing coffee, and now they have just opened a store for the lass and lad on the go.

Hidden below Piano Bar on the sunny street behind the Cape Quarter is a wooden pop up coffee and juice bar that is gaining traction amongst locals. Taking a seat on one of their rustic crates I sat and chatted with Kenneth, their friendly barrister and go-to man. Kenneth has been with Kos since relocating to Green Point two years ago and loves this new location. He says tourists and locals alike pop in to have a quick bite before they carry on with their day.

IMG_2777The restaurant and pop up bar not only share a name (Kos is the Afrikaans word for food) but a passion for South African flair. Whether it’s the spices they use, the food they offer or the vibe they create, owner Phillip Oosthuizen knew that this restaurant had to set itself apart from the rest by offering an authentic experience. Something I was also curious to find out about was their décor and furniture, which Kenneth explained is all upcycled, a style which they adopted from their store around the corner.

Having a look at their chalk board menus which surround the store, I couldn’t make a decision as to what to have for lunch. Would it be a South African favourite, Bunny Chow, stuffed with Chicken bobotie or maybe something lighter like a sweet chilli chicken salad? Obviously I consulted the expert and Kenneth persuaded me that a firm favourite in their store was their Chicken salad with a slight kick. At only R40 I was delighted by the size and abundance of fresh veggies in the dish.

Before leaving I grabbed a cappuccino and was pleasantly surprised that it competed with other top coffee shops in Cape Town such as Truth and Origin. Offering fresh fruit juices as well, this store is bound to become even more popular in the hot summer months.

If you have a free moment between running errands in Green Point or if you are looking for a new spot outdoors to have a lunch break, Kos pop bar is the ideal spot.

Operating hours: 07h00 – 17h00


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