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Greening the city through MyCiti

Expanding the use of public transport is one of the key actions to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and to cut harmful carbon emissions.

The City intends issuing a tender for electric buses – the cleaner, greener, quieter future for bus systems around the world. This could see MyCiTi buses that glide quietly along, reducing the impact of urban pollution.

The tender envisaged 12-metre electric buses to augment the current diesel fleet, and perhaps double-decker buses with more seating for longer distance trips. They should be able to travel at least 250 km before the batteries need to be plugged in at special recharging stations.

With the use of solar power charging stations, the electric buses will produce zero carbon emissions. An added bonus is that the operational cost of electric buses is significantly lower – not only in terms of fuel, but also in relation to maintenance as there are fewer parts to service.

Read more about MyCiti developments in their latest newsletter. 


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