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Shego – traditional Middle Eastern fare in Green Point

Shego is the latest addition to the ever-changing restaurant strip situated on street level at the five-star hotel, Cape Royale in Green Point. Shego is a small intimate restaurant that serves Middle Eastern Cuisine. Middle Eastern Cuisine is known to be packed with flavour, and that, Shego has got covered.

Every bite is delicious and the presentation is very good as well. I would highly recommend ordering the tapas platters to share. Not only is sharing a plate of food part of the Arab culture, but believe me, it would not be possible to only choose one dish on that menu. The menu is well priced and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Middle Eastern Cuisine includes food from various countries. The menu at Shego has influences of Arab cuisine, Persian cuisine, Kurdish cuisine and Turkish cuisine.  Owner Huseyin Batkin, originally from Turkey (he still has the accent) came to South Africa a few years ago and started a food truck. The success of the food truck was the start of his new restaurant in Green Point. Shego opened its doors in March 2016. Huseyin says that Shego is for the locals. “I welcome tourists, especially being situated at Cape Royale, but I’m doing this for the locals. I want them to experience my home cuisine and have a fun time at my restaurant”

Huseyin grew up in a family who has always had a hospitality interest. His family, who still reside in Turkey, run a successful restaurant over there. They specifically operate for tourists by making traditional Turkish meals the main attraction on their menu offering.

So stop by Shego for a lovely dinner between friends, or a quick bite to eat. They do not have a liquor license yet, but encourage people to bring their own alcoholic beverages, and do not charge a corkage fee. They do supply glassware and goodness, do they have spectacular wine glasses! I bet they can’t wait to pour a spicy Shiraz to pair their flavoursome dishes with.

Opening Hours: 10am – 11:30pm

Address: Cape Royale Luxury Hotel

47 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town.


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