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Harley-Davidson Cape Town: hold onto your hats

Adventure. Adrenaline. Another road for authentic rider. Harley-Davidson is an unrivaled brand that has its name all over the world. They’re bold. They make a statement. They’re so badass, the sound of their exhaust pipes have even been patented. They’re legendary and don’t apologise for interrupting a crowd. What makes this even better? There’s a local Cape Town dealership and they’ve just moved to 2 Hospital Street in De Waterkant.

Harley-Davidson has a rich 100-year history and made its first machine in the 1900s. In 1901 William S Harley drew the first blueprint of the motorcycle; now a century later Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand for all those seeking adventure. In World War II, Harley-Davidsons were used as army transport. Even Elvis Presley landed one of these fine specimens in the 1950s and Justin Bieber tried to up his “bad boy” game in early March 2017.

Most recently, Cape Town’s Eyewitness News team took to the streets to explore life from a different angle with the roar of the bike as a backdrop. You can also book yourself a tour trip with a price range from R880 for an hour to R2 200 for 8 hours. Not a bad deal for improving your reputation among friends – imagine the stories you’ll tell!

If you’re about that bike life, you won’t want to miss these beauties on display at the 2017 South Africa Bike Festival from 26 to 28 May. If you’re looking to take a ride to the show, make sure to service your bike, explore the range, customise your bike or just get a good clean at the Cape Town branch. The team on the ground are experts and will have your Harley spick and span in no time.

Address: 2 Hospital Street, Harbour Edge Building, Green Point

Contact: 021 418 1602



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