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Roastin’ Records – Representing vinyl since 2012

Many believe that when the digital age started to catch up with us, we didn’t quite realise what we had left behind until the past started repeating itself. CDs replaced vinyl records in the early to mid-90s, and although our listening experience became more convenient and portable, most vinyl enthusiasts agree that the sound quality has just never been the same.

Luckily, over the past few years, vinyl made its way back into our lives. Older consumers started investing and recollecting for a sense of nostalgia, while younger audiences got to experience music in its most perfect form for the first time, adding on to their parents’ collections. Cape Town-based individuals have especially shown a massive interest in vinyl over the last couple of years, and with countless second-hand record stores in the city, especially in the Woodstock and Observatory area, there is one vinyl specialist who positioned himself at the forefront of the Cape Town vinyl movement. Presenting, Roastin’ Records.

Wentzel van der Gryp was working as a barista at Deluxe Coffeeworks when he rediscovered his love for vinyl. With access to second hand vinyl records from retailers like Revolution in Observatory, as well as trading with other enthusiasts in the area, his hobby soon turned into a business. In 2012 he started selling records from the Deluxe Coffeeworks branch he worked at, and this went on for two years before he opened up a store in Loop Street.

This venture was in collaboration with his friend, Hein, at a spot many of us are familiar with, called The Eye. In 2016 he moved his business to 11 Buitensingel, and now shares a property with the Apple repair store, WeFix. When asked what Wentzel enjoys most about his current location, he highlighted that the area has a lot of tourists, which is great for business as there is a constant inflow of traffic.

What makes Roastin’ Records so unique, apart from promoting fresh local music, is the fact that the stock on display simply can’t be found anywhere else. Being a boutique record label store, he prides himself on keeping it niche and mainly offers vinyl to two strong target markets. These include slightly older, die-hard vinyl enthusiasts who have been collecting vinyl for years (and have the budget to do so), as well as younger consumers who only recently started their vinyl collections.

He also has a convenient online platform for consumers that can’t access the store or want to secure a purchase while stocks last. If the product you’re looking for is listed on the website it most likely will be in store, otherwise consumers are encouraged to request orders for import which will be subject to availability. We also highly recommend following the Roastin’ Records Facebook page for promotions, discount codes for his online platform, and also giveaways every two weeks for lucky vinyl fans.

Roastin’ Records is open from 7am to 6pm on weekdays and from 8am to 2pm on Saturdays, so pop in to enjoy a delicious coffee and experience what they have to offer. Alternatively, you can visit the online store at and follow Roastin’ Records on social media at


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