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Seven days of dining in CT: where to eat in the mother city

Many town dwellers are notorious for throwing cash at the next best taste experience. We plan our lives and money around meals. The temptation to splurge when out and about is easy to fall into when there are constantly new treats to choose from. While we can’t help you with the temptation, we can help to plan the best foodie week to make sure you experience the perfect treat every day. Here are a few of our best picks –

Fire up that imagination and get ready for top shelf gastronomy!

Monday mood

The weekly rat race is about to commence. Sighing, you pull something on, pop on your shades and take a stroll down to the little Lebanese place around the corner. There’s no better way to start the week than with a cup of earthy Turkish coffee and a generous slice of syrupy sweet baklava (it’s going to be a long week after all). Rafael café delivers both with a smile, making this a tradition that is sure to last.

Chicken choose-day

Office hours are long, and even though it’s only the second day of the week, comfort food won’t go amiss! Head straight for Afro’s chicken, they will sort you out. Their ‘wrap and tjips’ is all flavour and will make you want to sing in all 11 official languages! All due respect to Colonel Sanders, but nobody does finger lickin’ chicken like we do in the south of Africa!

Wind down on a Wednesday

Hump day finds you staring wistfully at the mountains while you sit in traffic. You can almost smell the lush indigenous fynbos. Call a few friends and make your way to the Botanical bar immediately. The décor will lighten your spirit as you sip on one of their locally inspired speciality drinks, and all of that traffic tension will melt away.

Take me to the ocean Thursday

All memory of how you got here will be erased when you’re presented with the most beautifully crafted sushi bowl you have ever seen. As you take a bite of Hawaiian heat tuna and get the zing of pickled ginger your eyes will mist with joy. Incredible flavour will blow you away. The Poké Co’s food is so good, you’ll feel like your weekend has begun early.

Fancy pants Friday

The end of the working week is cause for celebration, and where better to do that than at the Top of The Ritz? Reach into the back of your cupboard, and slip into an elegant outfit for a lavish evening on the town. The view alone will make the beauty regime worthwhile, never mind the sumptuous meals. So this is what royalty feels like!

Slumming on a Saturday

A rub of your grainy eyelids supports your decision to skip that early morning run. Sometimes you just need to indulge in the urge to stay indoors and enjoy a slice of NY Pizza. Large and in charge, chewing on the cheesy goodness of those man sized slices makes this the perfect comfort food for hankering back to student days.

Sundays – beach and chill

Now that all of your money has been spent, the final destination of the week is Cape Town’s trump card: the beach. It doesn’t matter which, just as long as there is sand between your toes and the ocean air in your lungs. The meal? Melted ice cream that runs down your elbows and reminds you not to take for granted the simple joys of life!


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