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De Waal Park to launch a new outdoor gym

Slowly but surely the change of season is happening, meaning brighter mornings and only slightly warmer evenings. There are still a few delayed winter showers coming down, but it seems as though Spring is officially upon us. Which can only mean one thing… the holiday season is sooner than you think!

If you are not quite beach ready, not to worry, this blog is for you. We’re excited to introduce a new outdoor gym to our area, in conjunction with the City of Cape Town and this equipment is available to the public for use at their discretion.

Not just for the dogs

Many know De Waal Park as a dog friendly play park that hosts the occasional music show. While that may be true for the “main” park area, there is a smaller park across the road that is often overlooked. According to Ward Councilor Dave Bryant, upper De Waal and lower De Waal Parks were viewed historically as having a connection. The divide occurred gradually as Camp street expanded, creating a rift between the two. The official name of the adjoining park is now Lower Malteno Reservoir Park. “We are trying to link those two spaces again,” says Bryant.

Bryant shares that the outdoor gym will be a sort of homage to a track that used to run through lower Malteno park in the late 1800’s. In fact, the brand-new track will be overlaid directly on the old heritage track. Of course, the park is good news for exercise junkies, but the equipment is also safe for children and they are also encouraged to ride their bikes along the path.

Look out for the launch 

The official launch promises to be a great event with Dave Bryant as well as Marc Truss, our COO in attendance. There will be an instructor on hand to show the public exactly how to use the equipment, prevent injuries and encourage exercise. These gyms have been very successful in other parts of the city such as Greenpoint.

The launch day is set to take place slightly later on this year as there are still a few logistical issues to take care of such as lighting around the track for the night owls and early risers.

The hope is that if residents begin to spend more time in the park recreationally that it will dissuade illegal squatting and increase community interaction. “We want to rejuvenate the old exercise area and create a safe space for citizens to engage,” says Bryant. Of course, the police force as well as our security teams are always on standby should you need us. “Marc and the OKCID team have shown unwavering commitment to the project, we want to thank them for all they have done.”

Are you going to be using the outdoor gym for your morning exercises? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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