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Get your summer bod on with Green Point workout spots

Putting on the annual ‘winter coat’ is real. If you feel the need to shape up for the summer season, there is no time like the present. Take a look at the different fitness options on your doorstep.



It’s been nearly a year since we wrote about one of our favourite fitness studios, Pilates Shmilates. High intensity but low pressure on the joints, this form of exercise is great for stretching out and firming up the muscles.

Another great Pilates studio located right on our doorstep in De Waterkant is Integrated Pilates. Aimed at a range of clients, from the desk-bound to dancers, pre and post-natal moms. They also make the point that Pilates isn’t just for ladies as it was invented by Joseph Pilates who trained as a gymnast, boxer, skier and athlete. Want to gain strength and flexibility? Give it a try!

Find them at:

The Hudson building, cnr of Hudson and Strand Streets,

De Waterkant



The hype around this high-intensity form of exercise may have died down a bit, but its loyal practitioners are still very much alive and squatting. You can find the local fitness fanatics at Motley Crew CrossFit in De Waterkant.

You can expect a lot of sweating, weights and pushing your body to the limit. One of the great things about this sport is the community built around it, so at least when you are struggling through that rep, you won’t be doing it alone.

Find them at:

7 Hudson Street, De Waterkant


Barre Body

Barre fitness classes are ballet-inspired and incorporate a ballet barre. They also mix in elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. It is designed to be a challenging full-body workout and has become increasingly popular among ladies wanting to try something new.

Take a look at our local Green Point-based studio Barre Body which offers a variety of classes aimed at different fitness goals.

Find them at:

Cnr Portswood and Somerset/ Main Road, Green Point


Gym gym

For those of us who prefer to stay on the more conventional side of things, there is always Virgin Active. This gym franchise is a great option if you like to have various different options to train in one convenient facility. You can get a national membership if you travel a lot, and short-term packages are also available. Vitality members get a great discount, so check that out if you’re on Discovery Medical Aid.

There are two available venues to choose from in the Green Point area. The choice of which to pick will come down to your budget, preference or proximity. The Green Point Virgin Active is easily accessible with free parking, standard equipment, pool, fitness classes and free Wi-Fi.

The Silo District Virgin Active takes it up a notch – all of the regular services and facilities are available but with the added benefit of low lit lounges, a concierge at your beck and call and a shoeshine bar (to mention only a few). It does come with a higher price tag though!

Find them at:

Green Point: Bill Peters Drive

De Waterkant: Silo 4, Waterfront


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