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Let’s do lunch time admin: get efficient in Oranje-Kloof

Our fast paced lives demand for efficient living, and often simple admin tasks get racked up faster than they get done. Luckily living, working and playing in the city has its benefits –  everything is on your doorstep.

Use that lunch break to do a sweep of the Oranje-Kloof area and get everything done all in one go! Take a look at our top picks for convenient services that make life just that much easier.


Keep it clean

Laundry is a never ending task – sorting, hanging, ironing and folding takes up all of our precious time. Thankfully we have a few trusty drop offs in the area that can handle it all for you:



Zip in to Speediwash and place your load in the capable hands of a business that has been operating for over 30 years. They cover all the regular services and then some – you can get clothing cleaned, dyed and repaired all in one place.

There is also something extra special about the Speediwash staff, most of who were unemployed or homeless before joining the team. Just another reason to support this little laundry operation!

Find Speediwash at 189 Upper Buitenkant Street.


I love my laundry

Combining one life necessity with another, laundry and coffee, I love my laundry gets things  right! There is something to be said for not only providing basic services, but making it an experience – very Capetonian if you ask us! There are quite a few of these peppered around both the Oranje-Kloof and Green Point areas, which makes them a favourite spot of ours twice over.

Find I love my laundry at 59 Buitengracht Street.


Let’s get medical

Winter has been long and extra cold this year. We may be slowly heading back to heat, but we want to encourage you not to let your guard down. Run out to the pharmacy and get all the vitamins you need to fend off those office germs!

Lite – Kem Pharmacy

When it comes to convenience, nothing can beat this pharmacy. If your lunch hour is packed, you can arrange to have the necessaries delivered to your office, or run in yourself up until 11pm! Lite – Kem Pharmacy is also open 365 days a year, because sickness doesn’t stick to a schedule!

Find Lite – Kem Pharmacy at 24 Darling Street.


Chinn’s Corner Pharmacy

Chinn’s provides a personalised, small town service in the heart of the big city. This pharmacy has been a part of the community for decades and makes it their business to get to know every person who walks through the door.

They also provide care and treatment in the form of needed medication to various organisations like Nazareth House, Ladies Christian Old Age Home and The Highlands House amongst others. We certainly value all of their input into the community.

Find Chinn’s Corner Pharmacy at 169 Upper Buitenkant St, Vredehoek.


Spar pharmacy

Central to the business hub, this pharmacy can be found in the Lifestyle Centre amongst the restaurant and clothing stores. This is particularly helpful when you need to grab a prescription on your lunch break.

Find this pharmacy at Lifestyle on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Gardens.


Signed, sealed, delivered

Until we figure out how to teleport goods from one province to another, we are stuck doing it the old-fashioned way. Thankfully we have a great option!



Instead of taking weeks to get somewhere, thanks to PostNet items can be delivered overnight, and if in Kloof street, it can be done while taking a walk from the office to your car.

PostNet is South Africa’s largest, privately owned, counter network in the document and parcel industry. They are reliable and can be counted on for shipping almost anything and everything nationwide – give it a whirl!

Find PostNet at 55 Kloof Street, Grootte Kerk Sentrum.


Keep it together

If there is anything that we learned from Batman it’s this: every gentleman needs a personal tailor. Thankfully, we found the perfect one…


The Tailor Shop

Originally located in Bree Street and now a resident of the Kloof Street area, this store brings elegance and style to a suit-based wardrobe. It is classic and refined and will handle every difficult stitch you have to throw at it. We value it so much, this is the tailor’s second mention on our site – read the first blog post to learn more.

Find The Tailor Shop at 73 Kloof Street Gardens.


Big wheels keep on turning

Finally, and possibly the most important of the lot is a reliable place to get your vehicle serviced. The best part? The service garage can be found in walking distance from your office, so no more awkward halts to your day.


Kessel Motors

Kessel Motors provides a full range of services for VW, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Honda and more. According to their website: exotic, high performance and even classic cars are often brought in for routine repairs and checks. Who knows, you may catch a peep at the rich and famous when bringing in your practical Honda Jazz. In Cape Town, anything is possible.

Find Kessel Motors at 60 Loop Street and 77 Buitengracht Street.


There you have it, in Oranje-Kloof everything can be done on the go in your lunch break. We are proud to call this area home, and are excited to continue to live, work and play together.


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