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Set up the perfect home workspace

Working from home is the new way of life, forcing many to find a way to continue working at maximum capacity without a dedicated workspace. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but your surroundings have a big impact on your productivity. So, it’s worth spending time on creating the right setup that allows you to thrive. Even if that setup happens to be in your bedroom.

Now, onto the important stuff. If you find you’re easily distracted, possibly because of the pile of dirty laundry taunting you in the corner, or the dull light streaming in from half-opened curtains, tempting you to schedule in an afternoon nap, then read on – as we have a few tips to ensure that your environment is helping you maximise your productivity.

First and foremost, you need to keep your bedroom clean! A clean and uncluttered working environment can boost productivity in a number of ways, such as by boosting your motivation to work and creating a positive atmosphere. Then you’re going to need to ensure that you’re getting enough light. Open those curtains and let the natural light stream in, or if your room doesn’t get direct sunlight and is still a little dull, consider investing in a good side light, such as this tripod lamp from lim on Kloof Street.

Next, set the mood and create a Zen-like space with a little aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years, known to relieve stress, lift your mood and energize you. Treat yourself to this electric diffuser from Nap Living and burn essential oils like lemongrass to promote mental clarity or sandalwood to relax. You also might want to add a little greenery to inject some life into the room and ensure that you’re breathing in clean air. Palette De Fleurs Floral Studio in the Cape Quarter in De Waterkant supply bespoke floral arrangements for any occasion, and are guaranteed to brighten up your workspace.

You’re going to want to prepare yourself for that afternoon slum with a good cup of Joe. The caffeine in coffee works to block the adenosine, which is slowly released by our bodies throughout the day and make us feel sleepy. We recommend making a good cup of black coffee using this tea and coffee infuser found at Vendange in Lifestyle on Kloof.

Then, the most important piece in the puzzle that is working from your bed – a comfortable bed! Maybe your pillows are a little flat, or your mattress’s springs are starting to poke through? Thanks to Bed King in Green Point, there’s never been a better excuse to cash in on an upgrade! For the month of August 2020, Green Point and Oranje-Kloof residents get 10% off across all brands when you present the discount code LIVEWORKPLAY at their Green Point store (Bed King at 34 Somerset Road).

Finally, avoid unnecessary back pain with a comfortable pillow to relieve strain that may be caused by improper posture. Effective back support is so important if you’re going to be working from bed every now and then. Use a thin-to-medium pillow behind your lower back to maintain its natural arch, and then place a slightly thicker pillow on your lap to raise your laptop and prevent straining your neck by looking down all day.


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