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Local business feature: On Safari’s Wildlife Photographic Studio

We want to foster the community spirit which has been so evident over the last few months and encourage residents to invest in their neighbours. To do this, we’re spotlighting one local business each month.

This week we spoke to Nigel Whitehead, owner of On Safari’s Wildlife Photographic Studio of 99 B Kloof Street to find out about his experience of working in the Oranje-Kloof area, and how he has dealt with the pandemic.

Tell us about your business and why you’re based in the GP/OKCID area.

My business is called On Safari’s Wildlife Photographic Studio. I was born in Zimbabwe, so naturally I’ve grown up with a passion for my country and its wild beauty. This fascination fuelled my career, and I became a wildlife photographer as well as an enthusiast! I’ve worked in various wildlife conservancies in both South Africa and Botswana. Each year I travel to different reserves in Africa to capture my beloved fauna and flora, and my final photographs are on display in my gallery. I also own the Picturesque Framing studio next door, so I can advise clients on all aspects of framing.

Being in the trendy Kloof Street area is fun, but also ideal for my target market because it attracts lots of tourists for my wildlife gallery in peak season. I also love the number of restaurants in the area – it creates an upbeat atmosphere.

How has this pandemic affected your business?

My sales are dependent on the number of tourists in the area, so it has affected my business substantially. I’ve relied on a few local sales, and had to use my savings to get through this, which will hopefully continue to keep my head above water until things return to ‘normal’.

Have you felt the presence of the GP/OKCID in your area, and has it helped your business in any way during this pandemic?

Having the GP/OKCID in our area is definitely a bonus in terms of security and keeping the area clean.

What advice would you give to other businesses, based on your experience of keeping yours running during this pandemic?

Keeping your business going is so important for the area. There are a lot of beautiful stores in the area which is great for attracting clients and keeping the area vibrant.

You can browse and shop Nigel’s work online on his website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email him at, or alternatively call him on +27 066 253 4151 during operating hours, or on

+27 82 659 5277 after hours.


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