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New Year, New Spots (on Kloof Street)

New places opening up in our area has never made us more excited than it does now. After the year we have all been through, we have needed these three gems – The Sneaker Shack, Ëlgr restaurant, and Kloof Street Hotel – to breathe new life (and unique concepts) into Kloof Street.

The Sneaker Shack 

A sneaker laundry service may seem like an odd concept to many South Africans, but this specialised service has become desirable because of our evolving sneaker culture. As Thabiso Hadebe of Black Faff, a local sneaker customisation company, told The Sunday Times: “Over the years I’ve watched them go from being something that only kids and students wear to having billionaires such as Richard Branson wear them to meetings. At the end of the day it’s a shoe, it’s whatever makes you feel comfortable, because at the end of the day it’s who you are.”

This service, most importantly, forms part of our evolving environmentally-conscious culture, giving people an easy way to clean and look after their sneakers so that they last, instead of just buying a new pair when your old ones get a bit worn out.

So, if you want your beloved sneakers to be cleaned to your specification by trained sneaker-care-technicians within a 48-hour turnaround time, visit their store on 8 Rheede Street, Gardens, or contact them on their website. They’re currently hosting a competition where you can stand a chance to win 1 of 3 vouchers to The Sneaker Shack worth over R500 – to enter, simply fill out this quick form with a few questions about your view of pre-loved sneakers.

(Source: Sneaker Shack’s Instagram account).

Ëlgr restaurant

Located on 75 Kloof Street, Ëlgr (previously home to Janse & Co) was founded by Swedish chef Jesper Nilsson, who spent lockdown bringing to life this modern, casual, and multi-cultural dining experience. Jesper comments: “I take inspiration from my Nordic background and combine it with my culinary experience from South Africa. I take pride in craftsmanship and strive to create dishes that are authentic, trying to understand not only the flavours but also the cultural background of each component in the dish. Limiting yourself to one particular style means you are defining the outcome before you go through the process.”

You can make online bookings here, or contact Ëlgr here. Note that they have been affected by the current restrictions, but are discussing plans going forward, so take note of their Instagram page’s bio for updates!

(Source: Ëlgr’s Instagram account).

Kloof Street Hotel

We have been waiting for this newbie to open up for a while, and it’s finally here. Forming part of Lion Roars luxury hotel and lodges portfolio, Kloof Street Hotel is decorated in natural, earthy tones but still maintains a vibrant personality. The ground floor has everything you need to start your day off on the right note: a coffee shop and restaurant, as well as a shared working space and conference facilities.

The sunny rooftop deck has a bar, pool, loungers and outside tables amidst lush greenery – providing all the air and space needed for social distancing.

To experience this new gem, you can book online here, or visit them on 8 Rheede Street.


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