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GP/OKCID security report – June 2021

There was an increase in incidents of crime in June. Unfortunately, desperation within South Africa is only growing, and the cold winter months tend to aggravate this.

Incidents of theft out of a motor vehicle stayed low, with a total of 4 incidents in June. Our patrollers have been on high alert over the past months in an effort to limit the number of car break-ins, so we are glad to see the number slowly decrease over time, and will continue to work towards decreasing it further.

“Somerset Road in the GPCID boundary remains a hot spot, with the majority of smash-and-grabs occurring here. Another trend we’ve noticed with the recent Level 4 lockdown is that there is heightened crime in the early hours of the morning when the public is indoors due to curfew,” says our GP/OKCID Security Manager, Marius Swanepoel.

“There have also been a number of small-scale crime groups operating around Somerset Road, who have been targeting residents for their cell phones. Either by means of pick-pocketing or drive-by theft. To tackle these issues, we’ve further increased the number of foot patrollers each shift to increase our policing capabilities.”

There were 3 incidents of common robbery, being the action of unlawfully taking property from a person by force or threat of force. And 2 incidents of general theft, being the action of unlawfully taking property from a place by force or threat of force. Four out of five of the above incidents resulted in an arrest. A great effort from our patrollers!

There were a total of 14 planned operations in June. Planned operations are joint operations with SAPS or Law Enforcement, with the sole purpose of combatting criminal behaviour. These operations include entering perceived criminal epicentres to conduct searches for illegal weapons and substances. As well as the seeking identification of unknown individuals, to determine whether they might pose as a threat to the area, and move them out if this is the case. Planned operations also include regular drive-byes and patrols to contribute an element of visible policing.

“Overall, crime during the month of June wasn’t unmanageable, and our security team assisted with some great arrests, which we’re happy about. In July, we’ll closely monitor any new crime trends, and are ready to respond accordingly if needed,” says Marius.

Each month, our patrollers and maintenance teams assist the City of Cape Town by logging municipal service requests. These requests include alerts for broken water pipes, non-operating street lights, electrical issues and unsafe road surfaces. In doing so, we help the City of Cape Town to maintain our areas, and ensure their operational efficiency.

Our patrollers and vehicles are always in close proximity, and we urge the community to contact us for any form of help at any time of the day or night. Be sure to keep our 24/7 emergency contact details on you at all times.


082 214 3228


082 217 1386


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


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