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GP/OKCID security report – September 2021

During the month of September, our team assisted with 14 arrests, 12 joint operations with SAPS, 25 municipal services and 10 pro-active actions.

We noted a significant increase in theft out of motor vehicles in our area. We also noted an increase in robberies within our areas. These figures are evidence of an increase in opportunistic crimes within our community, and we expect further increases as we near the festive season. 

With that being said, SAPS are aware of the increase in incidents and are in the process of generating an awareness campaign, which aims to guide the public and help prevent residents and visitors from falling victim to these crimes.

Local authorities are also taking note of the fact that robberies have become more aggressive. In response to this, we have actively increased the number of random body searches in both the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas, to help prevent these crimes from happening by confiscating all weapons that are found. 

We have also noticed a gradual increase in house break-ins, particularly in the Green Point area. 

According to GP/OKCID Security Manager, Marius Swanepoel, this has a lot to do with the increased movement within our community. “We predict that this is because criminals are taking advantage of heightened activity in the area. There is quite a lot of building and maintenance work going on at the moment and criminals seem to be taking advantage of all the movement, as they look less suspicious.” 

We urge residents to prioritise security measures around their homes. Check that your electric fencing is working, and consider placing detection beams or CCTV cameras throughout and around your property. CCTV cameras are particularly effective at deterring crime

To help decrease the level of crime occurring in our areas,  please remember to stay vigilant and alert at all times. Avoid walking around during the night, remove all valuables unattended in your car and make sure to check that you have locked your vehicle before walking away. 

Our team of 24/7 patrol officers are on high alert. We have several branded vehicles and foot patrollers that you will notice patrolling our neighbourhoods to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors. Should you ever need assistance or feel unsafe, please don’t hesitate to contact our emergency numbers. 

We are here to keep you safe – whenever you need us, 24/7, all year round.


082 214 3228


082 217 1386


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.