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8 tech tips for troubleshooting before you call in the experts

Computer crash? It’s happened to all of us, often at the most inconvenient times – your computer screen freezes up and nothing works. There’s no need to panic, we will talk you through a few basic troubleshooting steps that can work miracles. Remember that load-shedding can also wreak havoc on your computer or laptop – in fact on all your electronic equipment. So if you are scheduled for load-shedding, plan ahead and shut down your computer safely so that you don’t end up with a machine that keeps on crashing.

8 tips for troubleshooting your computer at home

Follow these easy steps in order to eliminate any obvious issues that you can fix yourself. But of course, if these don’t work, it’s time to call in the experts!

  1. Check your connections. The smartest thing you can do when you run into a computer issue at home is to check your connections, and see if you are properly plugged into the wall socket and if all plugs and wires are connected and active.
  2. Turn your computer on and off. This often helps by resetting the software.
  3. Close all windows and tabs that you don’t need to free up RAM.
  4. Press control+alt+delete together. This will pull up your computer’s task manager, and allow you to see if there are any error messages. For a Mac, you can click on the apple in top left corner or press Option, Command, and Esc.
  5. Write down error messages so that you can quote them if you do have to call a technician.
  6. Disk cleanup: use this function to clean up unnecessary files that might be slowing your computer down.
  7. Use forums to find help. You’ll be surprised at the assistance you can get in chat rooms and help sections online.
  8. Scan for viruses and malware. If you don’t have a program installed, try AVG antivirus software or any number of other free options out there.

If none of these work, you may need more expert help. We’ve rounded up a list of service providers in the area, available either for telephonic consultations or call-outs.

Cape Town IT Support in Oranjezicht

A Cape Town IT Support technician will come directly to your home or office to repair your ailing computer. They are open seven days a week, and also offer extensive online support via chat. Better yet – if they can’t fix it, they don’t charge.

Tel: 021 541 0359

Cell: 071 961 0692 (WhatsApp)


Virtual IT Support in GreenPoint

As the name suggests, this company specialises in virtual and online computer support and troubleshooting. They also offer assistance with installing home computers and linking them wirelessly with printers etc. A one-stop shop for hardware, software and IT support.

Yolande Verhoef: 021 419 3213


Clyde Technologies

We’ve included Clyde Technologies in this list – not because they offer computer repair services, but because they can source obsolete electronic components in small quantities for repairs. You never know what you might need!

Tel: 021 434 8479



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