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The Mountain Market: Cape Town’s newest Saturday market

There’s a new market on the scene and what sets this one apart is that it’s nestled in nature. The Mountain Market is a newly launched community market that you can find bustling with bodies on the slopes of Table Mountain every Saturday. 

What started in December 2021 as a way to get outdoors and enjoy summer days just outside the city, has quickly grown into a market loved and frequented by locals and visitors alike – it’s truly the “place to be” on a Saturday, and as such should be high on your list of family activities.

The Vision

The team behind The Mountain Market aim to create a Saturday farmer’s market that’s immersive and facilitates a connection with nature. It’s their ultimate vision to establish a haven in nature that encourages relaxation like no other. 

Through this market, they’ve invited locals and visitors to join together in celebrating the immense beauty that surrounds Cape Town whilst engaging with a range of talented local vendors, enjoying good food in great company. 

The Vendors

When drawing up a vendor list, the founders felt it important to have a mix of established brands and lesser-known small businesses. They also felt that this would be a good opportunity to allow smaller local businesses to gain exposure and increase their following. That said, the vendors you’ll find at The Mountain Market make for a diverse group of talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. The vendors include: 

Tatenda Woven Baskets 

As masters of handwoven African basketry, the women behind Tatenda Woven create beautiful furniture pieces that are Earth-inspired and carry nature’s essence. 

Woodstock Bakery

Known for their slow-fermented baked fresh daily authentic and artisanal bread – wow, that’s a mouthful – the Woodstock Bakery is run by a team of local legends who bake with consistency and confidence. They’re at several markets, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying one of their freshly baked treats whilst basking in the glory of Table Mountain.

Ty’s Bagels 

Talk about delicious and homemade! Ty’s Bagels are more than a meal, they’re a delight. Made from the freshest ingredients and offering a variety of topping combos, Ty’s are the bagels for everyone. 

Abalimi Bezekhaya 

Abalimi is a collective that was established in 1982 on the premise of enabling organic micro-farmers on the Cape Flats to grow their farms and produce substantial harvests. Today, Abalimi continues to work with various farmers and community gardens like Moya weKhaya and SCAGA to provide training, social-organisational support, the infrastructure necessary for growing quality produce and market access for distribution. 


Whether you’re vegan, plant-based, health-conscious or just enjoy trying new things, Nourish’d has something refreshing for you. Nourish’d is a café and juice bar that is a long-running local favourite. With delicious smoothies, vegan juices and plant-based sandwiches, Nourish’d helps you prioritise your mind, body and soul. 

Wildwood Drinks

Specialising in caffeinated drinks made from organic yerba maté, a tree species native to the Atlantic Rainforest of South America, Wildwood is new on the South African scene and is oh so happy to be here. Their speciality is a favourite drink among the locals of the region and pays homage to their culture. 

La Rozell

Otherwise known as the “Buckwheat Specialist”, La Rozell are a gluten-free bakery and crêperie that has been around long enough to be excellent in their offerings. All products are made from family recipes and work to combine passion and authenticity to tantalise the tastebuds of locals and visitors alike. 

Karibu Coffee 

Karibu, the local coffee maestro, serves coffee along with other cosy warm beverages that are perfect for an early start at The Mountain Market. You can also pick up a bag of coffee beans to enjoy at home or at work in the week ahead. 

All the Other Things

Now that you know what to expect from a visit to The Mountain Market, let’s talk a little about the location, logistics and anything else you might need to know: 

  • When? Every single Saturday until mid April
  • Where? Van Riebeeck Park – 15 Sidmouth Avenue, Oranjezicht
  • Times? 8am to 2pm
  • Parking? No parking is permitted in the park or on the park lawns/grass; please park responsibly and respectfully along the road

Additional Information: 

  • The market is family, child and dog friendly, making it a Saturday well-spent with the fam. 
  • There is a kiddies’ playground in the park. 
  • Picnic baskets that cater to the whole family are available.
  • There’s live music to carry those good vibes. 

If you do make your way to The Mountain Market this Saturday or the next, we’d love to know if you love it as much as we do!

Date night restaurants in Cape Town

You don’t need to travel far for a bit of romance when in Cape Town. With the ocean, mountains and forest surrounding the city on all sides, there’s a magical view around every corner. And in the city? You’ll find some of the best restaurants in the world. 

We are all for a romantic dinner at home, but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit. Whether you’re after a restaurant with exceptional ambience, exceptional cuisine, or both, these are sure to make your date feel special:


As a restaurant that launched over a decade ago, Asoka has since established itself as “the gem” of Kloof Street. Their culinarily diverse menu tantalises whilst their music creates an atmosphere that you could soak in for hours. The owners of this indulgent establishment believe in the power of music and food, and where they converge to produce an experience like the one you can expect from a night dining at Asoka. 

Cafe Charles

In the heart of De Waterkant, you’ll find a sweet and cosy guesthouse called “the Charles”, with a beautiful courtyard eatery, aptly named “Cafe Charles”. In this beautiful outdoor setting, you can enjoy a glass of wine with the one you love, followed by a tasty dinner in their intimate dining room. Their menu boasts a selection of European and African-inspired dishes, and their fully-stocked bar caters to all tastes and preferences.

Kloof Street House

Asoka’s sister restaurant, Kloof Street House, is famous for its fairy-lit garden and being a long-standing dining oasis set in a Victorian house on the vibrant, ever-changing Kloof Street. 

Their menu is a brasserie-style expression of the owner’s love and passion for creating meals worth talking about. All of their meat is grass-fed, free-range and ethically sourced. A menu highlight: Their sharing dishes that offer a host of flavours – perfect for sharing with your special someone on a romantic evening beneath the stars (or in this case, fairy lights). 


A modern spin on traditional Indian cuisine, Thali is a local favourite owned and run by the team behind Chef’s Warehouse. “Thali” as a concept refers to a “complete meal of 10 or more regional Indian dishes”. As such Thali’s menu is an aromatic and curated journey for the senses, served over three courses. It starts with milder flavours and builds toward stronger curry stylings. 

One thing to know about Thali? Get there early because they believe in maintaining a relaxed atmosphere and therefore, do not take bookings. 

Ala Turkish 

Offering the most authentic Turkish dining experience in the Mother City, Ala Turkish is the place to be if you and your special someone enjoy indulging in the flavours of the world. 

Built on tried and tested recipes that originated from the Turkish cities of Urfa and Adana, Ala Turkish is the slice of Turkey that Cape Town was missing. Their menu? A fully Halaal variety of mains, starters, drinks, sharing platters and desserts inspired by the homeland. 

And there you have it, a premium selection of Cape Town restaurants, all perfect for wining and dining your special someone all year round.

The GPCID turns 20

On the 15th of July, the GPCID celebrated its 20th birthday after two decades of operating in the Green Point and De Waterkant areas.

Since the GPCID was formed in 2001, we’ve worked alongside SAPS and the City of Cape Town to make Green Point and De Waterkant two of the most sought-after suburbs to live, work and play. Each month, we provide extra security and cleaning services, while constantly improving the areas through actions like planting trees, repaving and promoting local businesses.

For the past 20 years, we’ve run a 24/7 operation and are committed to making a real difference in our community. We believe that our work has paid off, as we’ve watched our area transform from one that was predominantly industrial to one which surged in popularity and can now be compared to global hotspots like London’s SOHO and New York’s Tribeca.

Building close relationships with residents, the City and corresponding agencies, like Law Enforcement, Traffic and Metro Police, has been instrumental to our success. We’re happy to have seen a significant decrease in the relative level of criminal activity in our areas year on year.

Our public safety patrollers provide a valuable visible policing presence to the area which has helped to deter opportunistic crime, such as house break-ins and theft out of cars.

On top of this, each month, they report a number of properties and vehicles left improperly secured or with valuable items on display. In these cases, our patrollers take it upon themselves to personally guard the property until they are able to locate and alert the individual concerned.

Looking back, no two days are ever the same. We are constantly faced with new, complex challenges, particularly over the past year due to the pandemic, but our team continues to take each new day in their stride.

We’d like to express our appreciation to all the residents and business owners in Green Point and De Waterkant for their ongoing support over the years – here’s to the next 20 years of making Green Point and De Waterkant better areas to live, work and play!

Indoor activities to keep the little ones occupied

When temperatures drop and the sky clouds over, it feels as though Cape Town’s abundance of child-friendly activities dries up. Not to mention that our options are particularly limited as we try to avoid contracting COVID-19. Which likely leaves you bundled up inside with your little ones, who need to be kept busy.

To help keep the “mom, I’m bored”s at bay, here are a few indoor activities that the whole family can get a kick out of, to tie you over until the weather warms up.

Try a new recipe together

Cooking is a great way to boost a child’s development! Tasks as simple as stirring, measuring and rolling out can help develop necessary academic, cognitive and motor skills. We bet you never knew that each time you let your little one help you in the kitchen, you’re offering them a range of opportunities to learn and grow. Cooking is a task that the whole family can enjoy – so the next time you’re feeling unenthusiastic about making dinner, rope the rest of your clan in, assign roles, and crank the tunes!

Indoor scavenger hunt

Take ‘I spy’ to the next level with an exciting and inexpensive scavenger hunt. Whether you’re looking for an interactive way to instil a love for reading or find a new way to up your kids’ sensory experiences, this activity has got you covered. We love this around-the-house scavenger hunt!

Board games

When the kids begin fidgeting and the clock starts ticking slower than usual, it’s time to fish out those tried and tested board games that have been gathering dust in the garage. In addition to teaching them about teamwork, patience, and how to win and lose gracefully, board games can also be great for their language development and brains.


It’s so easy to look at painting activities and think, “awesome, I’ll wait until summer and do this outside!” But you don’t need to think that way – painting indoors can teach kids a lot! Anyone can take a kid outside and let them go wild making a giant painting mess while totally naked. But learning to keep things under control indoors teaches them patience, control and awareness. So, put down a plastic sheet or some newspaper, and let their imaginations run wild.

Indoor picnic

Picnics are always great fun, and you don’t have to let the weather stop you from enjoying one! The key to making this a fun indoor activity is to have your little ones help out with as much of the preparation as they can. This will build their excitement and keep them interested. Plus, the extra help means that things will be ready in no time.

We’re sure you’re all aching for the warmer weather to return so you can enjoy a visit to the park or the mountain. Until then, we hope these ideas keep you and your little ones active enough to combat the winter blues.

GP/OKCID security report – July 2021

In July, there was an 18% decrease in reported crime in our areas. There was also a decrease in the need for responses to public safety and security incidents such as drinking in public, illegal car guards and public nuisance. Both of these decreases can be linked to increased police presence in the Green Point, De Waterkant and Oranje-Kloof areas, as we’ve increased the number of foot patrollers in crime hotspots.

In addition, our patrollers carried out 8 proactive actions, such as guarding unlocked cars or properties, moved 4 suspicious individuals or vehicles out of our areas, and attended to 5 medical emergencies.

A highlight for our GPCID patrollers was assisting with the delivery of a healthy baby boy. When a pregnant woman went into labour at St Andrew’s Square, our patrollers jumped into action to comfort her and helped to deliver the baby before paramedics arrived on the scene. A special shout out goes out to GPCID employees, Nolwazi Ngxongo and Jodie Hendricks, who played a big role in the baby’s birth. Well done to all involved!

Last month, our team took 30 actions that contributed to the upliftment of our areas, such as fixing potholes, line painting, clearing litter, and repairing damage to infrastructure and water leaks.

There was also a slight decrease in traffic incidents, which we are pleased to see. We encourage the public to drive responsibly at all times and urge you to become acquainted with the Aarto Act.

As a reminder, the Aarto Act rollout has started but it will be introduced in four phases. The demerit system will only come fully into effect on 1 July 2022. Then once a driver collects more than 15 demerits, they will have their license suspended for up to 3 months. Three suspensions will result in your driver’s license being cancelled after which, your learner’s and driving tests will need to be retaken.

Our patrollers and vehicles are always in close proximity, and we urge the community to contact us for any form of help at any time of the day or night. Be sure to keep our 24/7 emergency contact details on you at all times.


082 214 3228


082 217 1386


Onward and upward with new patrol vehicles and dedicated senior patrollers

Last month, we appointed new dedicated senior patrollers to the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas, so that there is now at least one senior patroller in each area per shift, to provide visible policing and assist our public safety team when needed. Before, our public safety officers operated with only one senior patroller appointed to both areas each shift.

This change comes paired with the addition of three new branded patrol vehicles. In June, we received two new lock-up patrol vehicles – one to replace an old vehicle and one additional backup vehicle, and one new non-lock-up patrol vehicle to be used by the new senior patrollers.

While, previously, each area had one designated lock-up vehicle which could detain suspects as our patrollers waited for SAPS to perform an arrest, an additional backup lock-up vehicle ensures that our team is still able to operate in the case of a lock-up vehicle being out of order.

The old patrol vehicle which is being replaced will now be used as a dedicated maintenance bakkie with a trailer, used to transport equipment and refuse. This is another great improvement to our operation as, in the past, we had to use one of the lock-up patrol vehicles for maintenance, which temporarily hindered our security team.

Our new vehicles come as a result of years of financial support from the residents and business owners in the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas. A big thank you to those who contribute to our services each month, as it is because of you that we are able to purchase new assets that better equip us to cater to our areas’ needs! In turn, you are helping to maintain Green Point and Oranje-Kloof as some of the most sought-after areas in the Cape in which to live, work and play.

Now, each of our patrol vehicles is occupied by one mobile officer and a second-in-command, who we now also require to have a valid driver’s licence in case one of our mobile officers is unable to work. We have built a strong team of public safety patrollers over the years, and look forward to continuing to strengthen our team to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas.

Support your locals – they need you more than ever before

Cyril Ramaphosa surprised the nation in his most recent address, as he extended South Africa’s Level 4 lockdown, but allowed restaurants to reopen under strict new limits. As of the 12th of July 2021, only 50 people or fewer may be allowed into eateries in order to maintain a 1.5-meter distance between customers, and if the venue is too small, no more than 50% of its full capacity is permitted.

The sale of alcohol is still prohibited, and restaurant owners and managers who fail to comply with the new regulations face a fine or imprisonment for up to six months. Currently, the new regulations are in place until 25 July 2021.

While the new restrictions bring some relief for the restaurant industry, it remains more important than ever that we support our local restaurants whenever and however we can during this difficult time.

In response to the recent restrictions, Cape Town local, Kelly Kaimowitz launched Push the Produce – an innovative project that helps local restaurants sell their surplus inventory to the public, to minimise waste and alleviate the impact of the lockdown on the restaurant industry.

Push the Project provides a platform for restaurants to list and sell their stock, and offers an opportunity for the public to help their favourite eateries during this trying time, along with the staff and suppliers they support, by purchasing groceries through them.

“This way, even if restaurants are able to maintain their business through the take-away sales, they are now able to continue placing their full stock orders with their suppliers and allow the public to support the ailing industry,” says Kelly.

Currently, the growing Facebook page is appealing to local restaurants, asking that they list their available inventories and contact details so that the public can offer their assistance. Push the Produce also suggests that suppliers reach out to their clients with this idea, to help maintain semi-regular operation.

If ordering in is more your style, here is a collection of our favourite local restaurants in the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas. Consider supporting them if you can.

Big Dog Café, Kloof Street

Conceptualised along three pillars: Coffee, food and design. Big Dog Café offers excellent coffee and an interesting menu. If you haven’t tried their Turkish Egg & Quinoa Bowl, now’s your chance.

Call them on 079 186 7383 to order and collect.

Molten Toffee, Kloof Street

This classic café sums up the Capetonian vibe perfectly and serves up some of the best toasties in town. Perfect for a quick lunch break.

Call them on 083 703 1162 to order and collect.

Our Local, Kloof Street

Our Local’s fresh and flavourful food truly transports you to another world. Plus, you can order a jar or two of their famous pasta sauces along with your meal for a quick and delicious mid-week pasta.

Order on Mr D.

Toni’s, Kloof Street

Toni’s does Portuguese food to perfection. Their Mozambican prawns are unmatched, and their peri peri sauce will have you hooked. Plus, they’re offering some great lockdown specials.

Order on Mr D.

Ground Art Caffe, De Waterkant

At Ground Art Caffe, the coffee is treated with the same respect as the art found hanging on its walls. Their unique Africa Arabica coffee is naturally sweet, and their menu focuses on ingredients of local and European origin.

Call them on 021 418 1331 to order and collect.

Café Charles, De Waterkant

Café Charles is De Waterkant’s hidden gem, neatly tucked away under the shade of an over-100-year-old tree. Their crisp oven-baked croissants are what dreams are made of – treat yourself to a Sunday brunch in bed.

Call them on 021 409 2500 to order and collect.

GP/OKCID security report – June 2021

There was an increase in incidents of crime in June. Unfortunately, desperation within South Africa is only growing, and the cold winter months tend to aggravate this.

Incidents of theft out of a motor vehicle stayed low, with a total of 4 incidents in June. Our patrollers have been on high alert over the past months in an effort to limit the number of car break-ins, so we are glad to see the number slowly decrease over time, and will continue to work towards decreasing it further.

“Somerset Road in the GPCID boundary remains a hot spot, with the majority of smash-and-grabs occurring here. Another trend we’ve noticed with the recent Level 4 lockdown is that there is heightened crime in the early hours of the morning when the public is indoors due to curfew,” says our GP/OKCID Security Manager, Marius Swanepoel.

“There have also been a number of small-scale crime groups operating around Somerset Road, who have been targeting residents for their cell phones. Either by means of pick-pocketing or drive-by theft. To tackle these issues, we’ve further increased the number of foot patrollers each shift to increase our policing capabilities.”

There were 3 incidents of common robbery, being the action of unlawfully taking property from a person by force or threat of force. And 2 incidents of general theft, being the action of unlawfully taking property from a place by force or threat of force. Four out of five of the above incidents resulted in an arrest. A great effort from our patrollers!

There were a total of 14 planned operations in June. Planned operations are joint operations with SAPS or Law Enforcement, with the sole purpose of combatting criminal behaviour. These operations include entering perceived criminal epicentres to conduct searches for illegal weapons and substances. As well as the seeking identification of unknown individuals, to determine whether they might pose as a threat to the area, and move them out if this is the case. Planned operations also include regular drive-byes and patrols to contribute an element of visible policing.

“Overall, crime during the month of June wasn’t unmanageable, and our security team assisted with some great arrests, which we’re happy about. In July, we’ll closely monitor any new crime trends, and are ready to respond accordingly if needed,” says Marius.

Each month, our patrollers and maintenance teams assist the City of Cape Town by logging municipal service requests. These requests include alerts for broken water pipes, non-operating street lights, electrical issues and unsafe road surfaces. In doing so, we help the City of Cape Town to maintain our areas, and ensure their operational efficiency.

Our patrollers and vehicles are always in close proximity, and we urge the community to contact us for any form of help at any time of the day or night. Be sure to keep our 24/7 emergency contact details on you at all times.


082 214 3228


082 217 1386

Local business feature: atFrits Dog Hotel

De Waterkant is home to so many wonderful and creative businesses, making it the bustling and vibrant area that we know it to be. Any dog lover in Cape Town knows about atFrits Dog Hotel – Cape Town’s very own five-star pup palace with exclusively canine clientele.

Image credits: atFrits Dog Hotel

This innovative inn was the brainchild of local animal lover, Yanic Klue, who first came across the concept during her studies at Stellenbosch University and worked toward opening her own dog hotel for the next five years. We chatted to her to find out more and this is what she had to say:

When was atFrits first established and what makes your business unique?

We first opened our doors on the first of December 2015. We were the first dog hotel on the African continent. What makes us unique – we’re like a one-stop-shop for dogs. We’re specialised in animal/ dog care, and have a dog behaviourist on the premises to screen each animal to ensure it’s placed in the most appropriate playpen.

We offer additional services, like physio and hydrotherapy, grooming, dog training, and work closely with local vets in case of any emergencies. All to ensure that our guests really get the best care.

What do you enjoy about running your business on the border of the De Waterkant area?

We’re lucky to be in a very central area, which is convenient for our customers. The area is also very efficient – it gives you a sense of living in a first-world country. Thanks to the GPCID patrollers, my customers are able to feel safe while coming and going.

How were you affected by the pandemic?

We were affected very badly. A big portion of our business comes from our day-care services, and with so many people working from home, our numbers dropped significantly.

We also ended up taking on the responsibility of looking after a few street dogs, whose owners were being quarantined at Strandfontein. A lot of vagrants were very upset about being separated from their dogs, and worried about how they would be looked after, so we offered to help them by taking their dogs in. But we view this as a more positive effect of COVID-19 – we were happy that we were able to help the community in some way.

Since overcoming lockdown, what advice would you give other businesses going through hardship?

Overall, I think that tough times are great for helping you identify cracks in your business. So, in this sense, a struggle like COVID-19 is a good opportunity to streamline your business and remove all unnecessary efforts and expenses. I used the pandemic as a chance to refresh my business model.

I was also extremely lucky to have an understanding landlord. If it wasn’t for reduced rental, I would likely have lost my business completely. My landlord told me that it was ok for me to prioritise paying my staff over paying rent, which was extremely kind. And this kindness created a lot of my desire to pay it forward where I was able to (looking after street dogs).

What other learnings have you had as a result of the pandemic?

I think that the pandemic reminded people to be more grateful for their work and what they have in life, and it helped bring people together as we all tried to help each other.

Even our GP/OKCID patrol dogs love atFrits! Over the years, Yanic has been kind enough to give our tail-wagging workers a good bath and brush whenever they need one.

“The GP/OKCID pays such attention to detail in all aspects. Something that I really appreciate is that, in summer, they are even conscious of their dogs’ paws walking around on the hot pavement and never take their dogs out on very hot days.

But the GP/OKCID has access to atFrits whenever they need it; whether the dogs need somewhere to rest or somewhere to play. It’s amazing to see how much they love their dogs,” shares Yanic.

So often, life gets in the way and we aren’t able to spend as much time with our furry friends as we might hope. Consider treating your pooch to a day/ overnight stay at atFrits, where they’ll be pampered and able to frolic with friends until they drop! Find a detailed list of atFrits’ rates and services here.

GP/OKCID security report – May 2021

Incidents of crime decreased significantly last month, from 26 in April to 11 in May. Our public safety officers also assisted with 9 arrests, so hats off to them for their hard work!

Commenting on the month, our GP/OKCID security manager, Marius Swanepoel says, “At the beginning of May, Oranje-Kloof experienced more crime than usual – mostly theft out of motor vehicles and common robbery. But increased visible policing and attention from the Crime Prevention police unit resulted in a steep decrease in crime in the area.

As for Green Point, there was a decrease in crime throughout the month of May, except for a few incidents of common robbery. For example, we were alerted about a group of people walking back to their cars from Cubana one evening when they fell victim to a drive-by mugging.”

Our team strives to offer assistance above and beyond our mandate to offer top-up cleaning and security services to the City of Cape Town. For instance, each month we perform a number of pro-active actions, such as: guarding unsecured properties or unlocked vehicles until the owner is contacted and returns; assisting with public altercations; and providing a visible police presence to deter criminal activity.

We are firm believers of the ‘broken window’ theory – which states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behaviour, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and disorder, including serious crimes.

In line with this, our team conducts regular maintenance work, including tree-cutting and alerting the City about potholes and broken street lights, and cleans our areas daily to cultivate an environment in which it is desirable to live, work and play.

As for our plan this month, Marius says: “In June, we plan to maintain our focus on visible policing, as this is currently having a great impact in both areas. While the growing levels of homelessness, particularly in Green Point, is a major concern for us, we aim to maintain the decreased level of criminal activity.”

Our patrollers and vehicles are always in close proximity, and we urge the community to contact us for any form of help at any time of the day or night. Be sure to keep our 24/7 emergency contact details on you at all times.


082 214 3228


082 217 1386


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.