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Support your locals – they need you more than ever before

Cyril Ramaphosa surprised the nation in his most recent address, as he extended South Africa’s Level 4 lockdown, but allowed restaurants to reopen under strict new limits. As of the 12th of July 2021, only 50 people or fewer may be allowed into eateries in order to maintain a 1.5-meter distance between customers, and if the venue is too small, no more than 50% of its full capacity is permitted.

The sale of alcohol is still prohibited, and restaurant owners and managers who fail to comply with the new regulations face a fine or imprisonment for up to six months. Currently, the new regulations are in place until 25 July 2021.

While the new restrictions bring some relief for the restaurant industry, it remains more important than ever that we support our local restaurants whenever and however we can during this difficult time.

In response to the recent restrictions, Cape Town local, Kelly Kaimowitz launched Push the Produce – an innovative project that helps local restaurants sell their surplus inventory to the public, to minimise waste and alleviate the impact of the lockdown on the restaurant industry.

Push the Project provides a platform for restaurants to list and sell their stock, and offers an opportunity for the public to help their favourite eateries during this trying time, along with the staff and suppliers they support, by purchasing groceries through them.

“This way, even if restaurants are able to maintain their business through the take-away sales, they are now able to continue placing their full stock orders with their suppliers and allow the public to support the ailing industry,” says Kelly.

Currently, the growing Facebook page is appealing to local restaurants, asking that they list their available inventories and contact details so that the public can offer their assistance. Push the Produce also suggests that suppliers reach out to their clients with this idea, to help maintain semi-regular operation.

If ordering in is more your style, here is a collection of our favourite local restaurants in the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas. Consider supporting them if you can.

Big Dog Café, Kloof Street

Conceptualised along three pillars: Coffee, food and design. Big Dog Café offers excellent coffee and an interesting menu. If you haven’t tried their Turkish Egg & Quinoa Bowl, now’s your chance.

Call them on 079 186 7383 to order and collect.

Molten Toffee, Kloof Street

This classic café sums up the Capetonian vibe perfectly and serves up some of the best toasties in town. Perfect for a quick lunch break.

Call them on 083 703 1162 to order and collect.

Our Local, Kloof Street

Our Local’s fresh and flavourful food truly transports you to another world. Plus, you can order a jar or two of their famous pasta sauces along with your meal for a quick and delicious mid-week pasta.

Order on Mr D.

Toni’s, Kloof Street

Toni’s does Portuguese food to perfection. Their Mozambican prawns are unmatched, and their peri peri sauce will have you hooked. Plus, they’re offering some great lockdown specials.

Order on Mr D.

Ground Art Caffe, De Waterkant

At Ground Art Caffe, the coffee is treated with the same respect as the art found hanging on its walls. Their unique Africa Arabica coffee is naturally sweet, and their menu focuses on ingredients of local and European origin.

Call them on 021 418 1331 to order and collect.

Café Charles, De Waterkant

Café Charles is De Waterkant’s hidden gem, neatly tucked away under the shade of an over-100-year-old tree. Their crisp oven-baked croissants are what dreams are made of – treat yourself to a Sunday brunch in bed.

Call them on 021 409 2500 to order and collect.

Local business feature: atFrits Dog Hotel

De Waterkant is home to so many wonderful and creative businesses, making it the bustling and vibrant area that we know it to be. Any dog lover in Cape Town knows about atFrits Dog Hotel – Cape Town’s very own five-star pup palace with exclusively canine clientele.

Image credits: atFrits Dog Hotel

This innovative inn was the brainchild of local animal lover, Yanic Klue, who first came across the concept during her studies at Stellenbosch University and worked toward opening her own dog hotel for the next five years. We chatted to her to find out more and this is what she had to say:

When was atFrits first established and what makes your business unique?

We first opened our doors on the first of December 2015. We were the first dog hotel on the African continent. What makes us unique – we’re like a one-stop-shop for dogs. We’re specialised in animal/ dog care, and have a dog behaviourist on the premises to screen each animal to ensure it’s placed in the most appropriate playpen.

We offer additional services, like physio and hydrotherapy, grooming, dog training, and work closely with local vets in case of any emergencies. All to ensure that our guests really get the best care.

What do you enjoy about running your business on the border of the De Waterkant area?

We’re lucky to be in a very central area, which is convenient for our customers. The area is also very efficient – it gives you a sense of living in a first-world country. Thanks to the GPCID patrollers, my customers are able to feel safe while coming and going.

How were you affected by the pandemic?

We were affected very badly. A big portion of our business comes from our day-care services, and with so many people working from home, our numbers dropped significantly.

We also ended up taking on the responsibility of looking after a few street dogs, whose owners were being quarantined at Strandfontein. A lot of vagrants were very upset about being separated from their dogs, and worried about how they would be looked after, so we offered to help them by taking their dogs in. But we view this as a more positive effect of COVID-19 – we were happy that we were able to help the community in some way.

Since overcoming lockdown, what advice would you give other businesses going through hardship?

Overall, I think that tough times are great for helping you identify cracks in your business. So, in this sense, a struggle like COVID-19 is a good opportunity to streamline your business and remove all unnecessary efforts and expenses. I used the pandemic as a chance to refresh my business model.

I was also extremely lucky to have an understanding landlord. If it wasn’t for reduced rental, I would likely have lost my business completely. My landlord told me that it was ok for me to prioritise paying my staff over paying rent, which was extremely kind. And this kindness created a lot of my desire to pay it forward where I was able to (looking after street dogs).

What other learnings have you had as a result of the pandemic?

I think that the pandemic reminded people to be more grateful for their work and what they have in life, and it helped bring people together as we all tried to help each other.

Even our GP/OKCID patrol dogs love atFrits! Over the years, Yanic has been kind enough to give our tail-wagging workers a good bath and brush whenever they need one.

“The GP/OKCID pays such attention to detail in all aspects. Something that I really appreciate is that, in summer, they are even conscious of their dogs’ paws walking around on the hot pavement and never take their dogs out on very hot days.

But the GP/OKCID has access to atFrits whenever they need it; whether the dogs need somewhere to rest or somewhere to play. It’s amazing to see how much they love their dogs,” shares Yanic.

So often, life gets in the way and we aren’t able to spend as much time with our furry friends as we might hope. Consider treating your pooch to a day/ overnight stay at atFrits, where they’ll be pampered and able to frolic with friends until they drop! Find a detailed list of atFrits’ rates and services here.

Local business feature: Suzie’s School of Gymnastics

Suzie’s School of Gymnastics is Green Point’s newest sporty addition. This exciting new venture was born when former competitive gymnast, and gymnastics coach of four years, Susan Abraham, was unfortunately retrenched due to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on South Africa’s economy. Nevertheless, Susan took her situation in her stride and decided to begin her own gymnastics school journey.

Gymnastics is an all-encompassing exercise program that incorporates strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. The sport requires perseverance in order to develop the necessary skills to excel at the sport and it is advisable that children start practising early; however, it’s not uncommon for children to start in their teens.

To offer young gymnasts the best possible training regime, Suzie’s School of Gymnastics’ classes take place at the Green Point Cricket Club every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 15:00-15:55 and 16:00-16:55 time slots which runs according to public school terms. Susan teaches children aged 6-10 years old in classes of up to 12 learners.

Gymnastics offers an array of benefits for children. The sport builds discipline children are required to practise movements every week or every day to achieve their goals, learning the importance of focus, dedication, and hard work in the process. Then, the sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering different skills goes a long way in building confidence in children, as they advance and learn to tackle more significant challenges.

Most importantly, regular participation in gymnastics is good for children’s health. Gymnastics helps to develop excellent physical coordination and fitness which, in the long term, prevents heart disease and even age-related issues, such as decreased bone density. Lastly, gymnastics is a lot of fun! If you’ve watched any form of gymnastics before, you’ll recall all the swinging, tumbling, jumps and flips. Imagine all that exhilaration and all those endorphins!

This month, we got to know a little bit more about Susan and Suzie’s School of Gymnastics, and what they offer the Green Point area:

Can you give us a bit of a background on your business? When was your business established? What do you do? What makes the business unique?

I have just been retrenched as an Administrator for a Jewish Youth Organisation, so I decided to start my own Gymnastics Club.

What do you enjoy about running a business in Green Point?

I am just beginning.

Do you feel that the Green Point area is safer and cleaner, thanks to the GPCID?


Why do you do what you do?

It is in my bones.

Where do you hope to see your business in the next 5 years?

All kids in the area blossoming in confidence, coordination, and courage.

If gymnastics is something that you think your child would enjoy, be sure to contact Susan at to book your spot. Suzie’s School of Gymnastics offers 10 classes per school term for a total of R1,200. Early registration and payment are crucial to securing a spot on the gymnastics carpet.


Working remotely in Green Point

Recently, Cape Town was named one of the best destinations for digital nomads. But what does this mean? A digital nomad is someone who earns a living in a mobile manner, i.e., working remotely from somewhere as exciting as a foreign country or, even more exciting, depending on who you ask, such as a coffee shop.

Cape Town was placed at number 42 on the list of 50 best places for remote working, based on aspects such as how affordable it is to work remotely in Cape Town, the range of co-working spaces offered to digital nomads, and how expat-friendly our communities are.

While Cape Town’s internet connection and WIFI access offer their own set of challenges to those working remotely, and we face a few additional safety concerns, the Mother City still manages to reel in digital nomads by the thousands, likely due to its offering of diverse cultures, beautiful scenery and quirky neighbourhoods.

Cape Town’s choice of tastefully decorated, shared workspaces that encourage productivity and interaction, and a wide selection of cosy cafes that spark creativity, even on the dullest of days, can make choosing one’s best-suited remote working environment an overwhelming and tricky task. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of our favourite local spots, where diverse people, perspectives and purpose collide, in true GPCID live-work-play fashion.

Ideas Cartel 

1 Sand Hill Road, Green Point

Ideas Cartel is a premium work-and-play hub, for the digital nomads who want it all. This co-working space is targeted mainly at budding entrepreneurs, exciting start-ups and business accelerators, but is also hugely popular amongst full-time freelancers and entire work teams. The space offers a selection of private booths, offices and meeting rooms, as well as general communal spaces. Their Old Foundry branch, located at 1 Sand Hill Road, Green Point, is spaced out across three floors and features an on-site café, rooftop bar, gym, and a 150-person auditorium (perfect for once COVID has passed).

Bootlegger Coffee Company Cape Quarter

Shop 45, The Cape Quarter, 27 Somerset Road, Green Point

Bootlegger Coffee Company offers a cool, laid-back atmosphere with plenty of counter space, free speedy WIFI, and ample plug points, making it a great remote working location. The Cape Quarter branch even has outside seating, allowing you to soak up some much-needed Vitamin-D while you work. Talk about productivity!

Origin Coffee Roasting

28 Hudson Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town

Origin Coffee is said to have pioneered speciality coffee in South Africa. Since opening their doors to the public in 2006, Origin has quickly become one of the best-known artisan coffee roasters in the Mother City, providing thousands of Capetonians with their daily dose of caffeine. This unassuming spot offers an expansive workspace and is fuelled by 50 single-origin coffees, offering a truly unique experience each day. Make sure you ask the staff for permission to take a look at the roaster upstairs during one of your “brain-breaks” for a chance to see where the magic happens first-hand.

The Stranger’s Club

1 Braemer Road, Green Point, Cape Town

Located just off Green Point Main Road, The Stranger’s Club is one of the coolest cafes in Cape Town and offers digital nomads an inner-city oasis where you can bury your head in work or simply just take some time off from the hustle and bustle of urban living. The open and airy space means plenty of fresh air and through-flow, and their wholesome and healthy treats will keep you sufficiently fuelled.

So, there you have it – our top picks for remote working in Green Point! Let us know if we’ve left out one of your favourites.

Salesians Institute Youth Projects take part in first-ever virtual World Education Week

Studies show that around 120,000 young adults and children live on the streets of the Western Cape. Much of South Africa’s youth is in crisis and Salesians founder, St. John Bosco, recognised this and formed the Institute over 110 years ago, with a core focus on safeguarding and improving the lives of young people in order to create a better future for our country. In the Western Cape alone, 44% of the population are under the age of 25 and nearly a third of these young people live in poverty, with many suffering from severe deprivation.

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects is a local NGO, located on Somerset Road in Green Point, that exists to serve vulnerable children and youths at risk, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality. They do so by providing them with education, shelter and emotional support, and equipping them with the skills required to for them to stay out of danger, find employment, and lead a happy and positive life.

The Salesians programmes have classes offered to children and youths who have left the South African schooling system or those who come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. They offer basic skills to those who have been unable to pass their matric exams, such as woodcraft, electrical and hospitality skills, and train disadvantaged individuals to become employed in the automotive service and maritime industries.

Photo: Frieda Pehlivan

Additional life skills are passed on to at-risk youths, in order to instil self-confidence and social skills, and to teach them about budgeting, time and stress management, violence sensitisation, goal-setting and positive thinking, to name just a few.

Their Learn to Live School of Skills recently took part in the first-ever virtual World Education Week conference, where 100 schools from around the world were invited to speak on a variety of topics, and were one of only seven schools in South Africa asked to speak. The Institution shared their insights on the implementation of project-based learning, being one of just a few schools in this country piloting this methodology.

Photo: Frieda Pehlivan

Project-based learning encourages learners to think interdependently, communicate clearly, manage impulsivity, take responsible actions and apply past knowledge to new experiences and real-world challenges. This learning takes place in a dynamic classroom environment and aims to encourage better work habits and attitudes toward learning.

For more information on their programmes or to find out how you can get involved, visit or read more about them here.

Our 6 favourite spots for the perfect summer’s day in Green Point

Summer, with its radiant sun and calming warmth, is a time for exploration and activity-filled days. Many of us can’t wait for the season to arrive and get started with the things we’ve wanted to do all year round; going hiking, getting the perfect tan, or simply going to the beach and enjoying the sounds of waves crashing. Green Point has a lot to offer, to make this summer a memorable one; with an array of places to visit to have the perfect summer’s day.

Here are our top picks of things to do:

For morning relaxation: The Green Point Common

After you’ve had a delicious homemade breakfast, you can start off your fun-filled summer’s day by taking a walk through the Green Point park. There’s nothing better than a brisk walk to get the heart rate up with whilst soaking in the magnificent sun.

Address: 1 Fritz Sonnenberg Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051

Contact: 021 444 4258

For a post-walk pamper: Sugar Hotel

A relaxed you is a happy you, and it’s important to make time to pamper yourself. The constant hustle-and-bustle, scheduling and meetings do take their toll. A great way to unwind and start the day is to get a relaxing massage at the Sugar Hotel. If you have the entertainer app, you can enjoy some 2-for-1 treatments too!

Address: 1 Main Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005


Contact:  021 430 3780

For afternoon fun: Jason Bakery

Have a late lunch or sweet treat at this Cape Town favourite. Jason Bakery prides itself on using the best quality ingredients for their baked goods – and they don’t disappoint. If you go on a Saturday, look out for their legendary ‘Doughssants’!

Address: 83 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town, WC 8005


Contact: 021 433 0538

For retail therapy: Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village

Green Point will leave you enchanted with its diverse activities. At the Cape Quarter you can get a taste of the variety the community has to offer, with its mouth watering food market. Here you can get all your fresh ingredients required for the week.

Address: 27 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005


Contact: 021 421 1111

For a sunset swim: Sky Bar

A refreshing swim is a perfect way of ending the evening’s adventures. At Sky Bar you can have a delicious cocktail and a relaxing dip, while enjoy Cape Town’s breath-taking sunset.

Address: 49 Napier St, Cape Town, 8001


Contact: 021 421 1106

Wrapping up a hot summer’s day: El Burro

Your perfect summer’s day wouldn’t be complete without a delicious dinner with friends and family. El Burro Green Point has a tantalizing menu to satisfy your tastes. There isn’t a better way to end off a day than sharing a meal with good company.

Address: 81 Main Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005


Contact: 021 433 2364

You don’t need to take a trip to an exotic country to make unforgettable memories this season. Make sure you pop into at least one of these places to get your summer started.

Cape Quarter commences renovations to the value of R300 million

The popular Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village in De Waterkant recently commenced with renovations to the estimated value of R300 million.

Scheduled to be complete by the start of 2021, the development is currently underway to accommodate over 50 new apartments, new office spaces and retail shops.

“We’re unable at this point to confirm how many office spaces and retailers the renovations will accommodate, however the extension promises to provide an improved lifestyle, living, shopping and entertainment space to people living and working in Green Point,” commented Marc Truss, Chief Executive of the Green Point Central Improvement District (GPCID).

Boasting over 100 stores and restaurants,  the Cape Quarter is already home to big business head quarters including Deloitte and Pernod Ricard, as well as popular restaurant chains – Sushi Box and Bootlegger Coffee Company, to mention a few.

With parking always being of concern to citizens who frequent the city bowl and surrounding areas regularly, St John Gardner, Director of Business Development at Spire Property, confirmed that the Cape Quarter has already extended its parking by adding an additional 100  parking bays to its existing basement parking under Napier Street – completed in 2018 – with provision for further parking being created in the renovation of the old Cape Quarter property development.

“We welcome the new development which actively seeks to add to our GPCID mantra of improving the area to live, work and play in,” added Truss.

“The GPCID is helping us achieve our vision for life in the heart of De Waterkant, where history is etched in the fabric of everyday living,” concluded Gardner.


If anyone is interested in leasing opportunities please contact or call Spire Property Management on 021 685 4020.

Try these 4 local restaurants – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

These days, people can see, hear and smell when a restaurant is inauthentic. It’s not only in their food and décor, but also in the finer detail. Everything from ingredients, to service to language used on the menu.

When we put together this list of must try restaurants in Green Point, we took all of that into account. In no particular order:

Lou Lous

10 Jarvis Street – Cape Quarter Square – Green Point

A smoky, highbrow English interior akin to an old school barber shop with lots of leather and moody lighting. There is also seating outside.

This restaurant serves carefully plated, elegant dishes at a reasonable price. The menu is diverse and interesting. Definitely worth your while.

What they have to say about themselves:

‘Fresh, seasonal ingredients are used, combining multiple cooking techniques and methods. The simplicity and serious flavour of our menu leaves our guests enticed

… home to Cape Town’s finest selection of whiskeys and single malts. Also, stockist of fine wines, champagnes and imported spirits.’

Mary Ann’s Emporium & Eatery

3 Park Street – Mouille Point.

A breath of fresh air to the Atlantic seaboard, Mary Ann’s menu is fresh and so is their décor. It is open plan with light wood tables in front and shelves at the back. The tables have an unexpected pop of colour on them in the form of a pineapple.

Although the offering is simple, there is a sense of transparency and the staff are willing and sweet. We enjoy the sea views and although Mouille Point is technically just out of our CID boundary, based on the freshly squeezed juices alone – we simply had to feature it.

What others had to say about them:

‘Most delicious food and products for body and soul’ – Elize de Wet, Facebook review

The Mess

Shop 110 – The Rockwell – Napier Street – Green Point

Don’t worry, the name is strictly metaphorical. This restaurant is anything but messy, although there is a distinctive, laid back vibe.

All glass, exposed brick and fairy lights, it is a millennial diner’s dream. Featuring things like soft shell crab and fromage blanc eton mess alongside simpler dishes like vegetable curry, makes this a well-balanced offering. Next time you are looking for somewhere nice to go for an evening out, this is a great option.

What they have to say about themselves:

The Mess was born from a vision to create a relaxed environment and friendly atmosphere, putting back a little of what life takes out.

Our menu emphasizes sharing plates of enjoyable food, complemented with discreet but attentive service amongst stylish surroundings.

Jason Bakery

83 Main Road – Green Point

In an age with gluten free, dairy free, fun free food, Jason Bakery keeps things old school. They are famous for their pastries and fill them with all sorts of custard and sugary goodness. There isn’t much to say but the fact that the gorgeous décor hasn’t even come to mind says a thousand words about the food.


 What they have to say about themselves:

Humble nothing. When it comes to true craftsmanship, a croissant is anything but…

That little mofo actually takes three days to make.

It doesn’t have to take three days but what sets Jason Bakery apart is an unwavering commitment to an authentic production process, one that has been 21 years in the making, and is filled with 100% pure butter and the finest stone-ground flour.

Enjoyed our choices? If not, we have a few more for you to try. Happy dining in Green Point!

Hope for the city through the Salesian Institute Youth Projects

44% of the population in the Western Cape is under the age of 25. Nearly a third of these people live in poverty, and one in five suffer from lack of basic needs and often have to survive extreme conditions with no support.

Located on Somerset Road in Green Point, the Salesian Institute Youth Projects is doing their bit to change that by providing ‘education, shelter and emotional support for at-risk young people.’

There are a number of programmes which youth can be involved with, depending on their life stage and needs. Here is a list taken directly from their website:

  • Learn to Live School of Skills(L2L):

Classes for children and youth who have dropped out of school or who do not have the skills to pass their matriculation exams, including: woodcraft and timber, electrical, hairdressing and hospitality studies.

  • Youth Employment Skills (YES):

Vocational classes for older youth to learn in-demand trade skills like bricklaying, PC repair, computer literacy and office management, sewing and food preparation.

  • Waves of Change (WOC):

Assistance to young men and woman between the ages of 18 and 30, that want to obtain training to prepare them for work at sea, gaining employment in the fishing industry.

  • Salesian Outreach

We give innovative, customised support for at-risk youth. Our community outreach program, works with prisons, schools, other NGO’s and NPO’s, to develop Partnerships that will allow them to find those most in need and bring them into the programmes, as well as support those who are in danger of falling into real trouble.

There are a number of young people whose lives have been transformed through the programme. One of them being Warren Stevens, a 27 year old who grew up in Mannenberg in an unstable environment, where both of his parents were addicted to alcohol and drugs. The little income generated was spent on this indulgence and Warren, the eldest, was left to take care of four siblings.

‘My biggest drive was to have a plate of food every day. This was not our kids’ fault, why did we have to suffer like this?’ he says, adding, ‘We were desperate but there were good people that helped us.’ Warren did odd jobs around the neighbourhood for a menial amount and didn’t have proper clothing or shoes. This led to children teasing him at school at which point he dropped out and got involved in drugs.

Warren heard of the Waves of Change Program at the Salesian Institute which trains young people to work in the maritime industry. He enrolled and after following the programme found employment on a private fishing vessel. Earning a salary has made a great impact on Warren’s self- esteem and allowed him to provide for his family.

‘I will work hard and save my income – so that I can take my family to a safer suburb where we can live and prosper. I never want my children to go to bed hungry like I did.’

Another one of the institutes many success stories is that of Ayabonga Ngope who is currently a student at the Learn to Live School of Skills in Year 4. He is a young man of integrity and in his quiet manner would stay behind and clean up the dining hall after lunch when the other children had left without any prompting from the teachers.

This exemplary behaviour was noticed and they looked for a way to reward his efforts. The teachers knew that Ayabonga loved to cycle but could not afford a bicycle, so they searched the Salesian premises and found an old bicycle. This was refurbished and awarded to him.

Ayabonga had visited his grandparents over the holidays and it was discovered that he had gifted his bicycle to his grandfather to use for transport. This did not go unnoticed by the Salesian staff and their supporters.

Johan Fourie, the General Manager at Doolhof Wine Estate, heard about this story. He decided to donate the bicycle he used to ride his first Cape Epic Race, to Ayabonga. This encouraged Ayabonga to join a cycling club in Hout Bay which he is still a part of.

His dream to ride a three-stage cycling event is set to come true as he has been offered to ride the Wine2Whales this year with Angelo Casu, the Manager of the Grand Dedale Country House in the Winelands. Angelo has also donated a mountain bike cycling kit to Ayabonga, to further help him on his way.

Ayabonga will complete his schooling this year, and sincerely thanks all the donors for their contributions in assisting the Salesian Institute Youth Projects. He, and so many others are able to reach their potential through the programmes offered. We would like to ask you to consider donating to the cause so that young people in our country can change their circumstances and have hope in a better future.

Tel: +27 21 425 1450



Security Report – August 2018

As a resident of the City of Cape Town, you not only need to take responsibility for your safety but also for your own conduct as it will affect those around you. In August there were over 1 900 fines issued to those that broke the law. There were also two arrests made in conjunction with drinking and driving. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and comply with the law at all times.


If you have information about any suspicious behaviour or witness a crime please report it to us immediately. Please provide as much detail as possible.


If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.