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7 Family Friendly Summer Activities to Explore in Cape Town

Summer is finally with us. And if you find yourself in Cape Town, there’s nothing like a day out with the family exploring the city. But with so many activities to choose from, deciding which are worth doing may be a little tough, especially when taking COVID into consideration. 

Not to worry, we’ve created a list of our favourite family-friendly summer activities that will get you all out of the house while remaining COVID-friendly. 

1. Exploring the Company’s Garden

The Company’s Garden is more than just the “green lung” of Cape Town, it’s a day’s worth of activities for the whole family wrapped up in a bow of fresh air and tranquillity. Visit the oldest cultivated pear tree in South Africa, feed the squirrels, wander through the rose, herb or succulent gardens, or stop for lunch at the Garden Tea Room

If you’re looking to learn a thing or two and soak up some culture along with the sunshine, pay a visit to the Planetarium, Iziko South African Museum or the South African National Gallery while you’re there. 

2. Oranjezicht City Farm market 

Open from morning to early afternoon on both Saturdays and Sundays, as well as on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, the Oranjezicht City Farmer’s Market is a great way to enjoy the fresh air, take in uninterrupted views of Granger Bay and try new local restaurants. It’s also a dog-friendly space and there’s no entrance fee. 

3. Picnic at Mount Nelson

Looking for something a bit more indulgent? The iconic Mount Nelson is right in the middle of the city. Gourmet poolside or garden picnics are available from Friday to Sunday between 12pm and 6pm. Why not make some memories and spend a perfect summer’s afternoon lounging in the shade with your loved ones? 

4. Clay Café in the City

Unleash your inner child and get your creative juices flowing at Clay Café in the City. Open for bookings seven days a week, Clay Café is an experience that combines good food with creativity in a setting that facilitates connection and fun. Book your session over breakfast, brunch, lunch or even dinner and get painting. 

5. Kloof Corner Sunset Hike

Cape Town is known for its mountains and hiking trails. But many are a little challenging and aren’t too kid-friendly. So, if you’re the outdoorsy type and are looking for a hike that your little ones can join in on, Kloof Corner is perfect. A great sunset spot, Kloof Corner is a short twenty-minute hike that’s almost as popular as Lion’s Head and starts on Tafelberg Road. Be sure to take some water with you, and a few snacks to enjoy at the top.

6. Green Point Park Biodiversity Garden

Open from 7 am to 7 pm seven days a week, the Green Point Park Biodiversity Garden is filled with adventure and opportunities to learn. Perfect for a summer’s picnic, kid’s birthday party, or just a short stroll at golden hour, the park is brimming with beautiful sceneries.  There are also multiple kid’s play areas and an old school café for a light bite or relaxing coffee. To top it all off, the birds and wildlife are in abundance — including Cape Otters, Sacred Ibises and Khoi fish, to name a few.

7. Up Cycles at the Sea Point Promenade

Up Cycles is a local bicycle renting business with both adult and children’s bikes available. Gather the family and cycle from the Sea Point Pavilion along the Promenade to the Mouille Point Lighthouse, or venture further to the V&A Waterfront. Alternatively, go in the opposite direction, from their main station at the Pavilion all the way to Camps Bay. Both routes are around 5km and very manageable for those who are reasonably fit. 

Whatever you decide to get up to this summer, whether it’s one activity on our list, all or even none, remember to stay safe, social distance where possible and try to wear a smile behind your mask!

Green trends every Green Pointer can follow in 2021

The new year has rolled in; we’ve cleared the home office of festive wrapping paper and DIY tools; and we’re well on our way to growing our own herbs and veggies in our new planter boxes – which everyone has acquired seemingly overnight.

2020 saw many of us move indoors and Mother Nature thanked us for giving her some time to breathe, rebuild and strengthen. However, not all of us are optimistic about the effects lockdown has had on our environment.

The age of the pessimistic consumer

In fact, in a survey conducted by Global Web Index for their 2021 consumer trends report, and what they call the ‘Green Awakening’ that is sweeping the world, just over 40% of surveyed consumers thought the Covid-19 outbreak would have a negative effect on the environment, either in the short-term or long-term.

25% of consumers who were optimistic about the impact of the pandemic on the environment admitted that they thought the positive effects would be short lived, meaning that the negative effects would eventually outweigh the positives.

This means that businesses, governments and consumers need to work together to encourage drastic changes now to ensure we don’t continue to fall further into the abyss of an environmental disaster.

Green businesses take the lead

70% of consumers who participated in the Global Web Index’s 2021 trends survey (which we recommend everyone should read) said that reducing their own environmental impact was more important than ever since the start of the international lockdown. With 72% of consumers saying that sustainable business practices were more important to them because of Covid-19, it’s the perfect time to find those businesses who care and then collaborate with them.

One of these eco-conscious businesses are WastePlan, a company you may already be familiar with in the Green Point area.

WastePlan is our dedicated recycling collection service and they are doing a great job to ensure all residents of Green Point can participate in home recycling without having to do all the heaving lifting.

Their free door-to-door collection service means 83 000 Cape Town residents can recycle at home, diverting about 1,142,955 kg of waste from landfills every month. Yes, that’s more than 1 million kilograms of recyclable consumer waste that would have ended up in our oceans, waterways and streets had the collection service not been running.

As residents of Green Point, you can contribute to the ‘Green Awakening’ during COVID-19 to keep the environment and our people safe through WastePlan’s residential recycling collection service.

All you need to do is collect your recyclable waste in a separate recycling bag to your usual waste (food scraps and non-recyclables) and take the recycling out with your refuge and place it next to your refuge bin. WastePlan will collect your recycling on the same day as your dedicated refuse collection day.

To find out how you can be a green warrior in the Green Point area, head over to WastePlan’s website for more information about the recycling programme.

You can also download their recyclables infographic from their website to read all about collection days, what you can and cannot recycle and how our waste is moved through the recycling process.

Together we can make a difference to the ways our communities consume waste. Like most changes in perspective and behaviour, it starts at home and we have no excuse not to make a change in our homes with free services like WastePlan. Let’s continue our green journey together in 2021 and make Green Point a space where we can all contribute to a greener tomorrow.


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