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Support your locals – they need you more than ever before

Cyril Ramaphosa surprised the nation in his most recent address, as he extended South Africa’s Level 4 lockdown, but allowed restaurants to reopen under strict new limits. As of the 12th of July 2021, only 50 people or fewer may be allowed into eateries in order to maintain a 1.5-meter distance between customers, and if the venue is too small, no more than 50% of its full capacity is permitted.

The sale of alcohol is still prohibited, and restaurant owners and managers who fail to comply with the new regulations face a fine or imprisonment for up to six months. Currently, the new regulations are in place until 25 July 2021.

While the new restrictions bring some relief for the restaurant industry, it remains more important than ever that we support our local restaurants whenever and however we can during this difficult time.

In response to the recent restrictions, Cape Town local, Kelly Kaimowitz launched Push the Produce – an innovative project that helps local restaurants sell their surplus inventory to the public, to minimise waste and alleviate the impact of the lockdown on the restaurant industry.

Push the Project provides a platform for restaurants to list and sell their stock, and offers an opportunity for the public to help their favourite eateries during this trying time, along with the staff and suppliers they support, by purchasing groceries through them.

“This way, even if restaurants are able to maintain their business through the take-away sales, they are now able to continue placing their full stock orders with their suppliers and allow the public to support the ailing industry,” says Kelly.

Currently, the growing Facebook page is appealing to local restaurants, asking that they list their available inventories and contact details so that the public can offer their assistance. Push the Produce also suggests that suppliers reach out to their clients with this idea, to help maintain semi-regular operation.

If ordering in is more your style, here is a collection of our favourite local restaurants in the Green Point and Oranje-Kloof areas. Consider supporting them if you can.

Big Dog Café, Kloof Street

Conceptualised along three pillars: Coffee, food and design. Big Dog Café offers excellent coffee and an interesting menu. If you haven’t tried their Turkish Egg & Quinoa Bowl, now’s your chance.

Call them on 079 186 7383 to order and collect.

Molten Toffee, Kloof Street

This classic café sums up the Capetonian vibe perfectly and serves up some of the best toasties in town. Perfect for a quick lunch break.

Call them on 083 703 1162 to order and collect.

Our Local, Kloof Street

Our Local’s fresh and flavourful food truly transports you to another world. Plus, you can order a jar or two of their famous pasta sauces along with your meal for a quick and delicious mid-week pasta.

Order on Mr D.

Toni’s, Kloof Street

Toni’s does Portuguese food to perfection. Their Mozambican prawns are unmatched, and their peri peri sauce will have you hooked. Plus, they’re offering some great lockdown specials.

Order on Mr D.

Ground Art Caffe, De Waterkant

At Ground Art Caffe, the coffee is treated with the same respect as the art found hanging on its walls. Their unique Africa Arabica coffee is naturally sweet, and their menu focuses on ingredients of local and European origin.

Call them on 021 418 1331 to order and collect.

Café Charles, De Waterkant

Café Charles is De Waterkant’s hidden gem, neatly tucked away under the shade of an over-100-year-old tree. Their crisp oven-baked croissants are what dreams are made of – treat yourself to a Sunday brunch in bed.

Call them on 021 409 2500 to order and collect.

Local business feature: Molweni Coffee

Since opening just over six weeks ago, Molweni Coffee has offered the residents of Oranje-Kloof an on-the-go coffee experience like no other. This week, we visited Molweni to find out a little more about the new spot and meet Monde – the man behind it all.

  1. When was your business established? 

Originally, we had aimed to open our doors to the public at the beginning of December 2020, however, when lockdown hit, we decided to delay our launch and shift our attention to our marketing and overall strategy.

  1. What makes your business unique?

I feel that Molweni Coffee is very unique, as we offer a drive-through coffee shop experience where our customers can order their morning coffee from their cars in the little street that runs in front of our container, and we’re happy to run their orders out to them.

Molweni is based on a foundation of community and collaboration. I’m lucky to have a good group of friends who have helped me along each step of the way. In the developing stages, I was very open to each of my friends’ opinions and ideas and actually asked them to point out elements of the business that they didn’t agree with for me to relook at.

  1. What do you enjoy about running your business in the Oranje-Kloof area?

I enjoy working in the Oranje-Kloof area because it provides me with an opportunity to introduce a bit of a Khayelitsha flair to the City Bowl. We’ve already managed to build a small base of regular customers, who we’re grateful for, as they’ve kick-started our vision of building a sense of community around our brand.

  1. Have you felt that the area is clean and safe, thanks to the presence of the OKCID?

Yes, I often see the patrollers driving through the area or the cleaners sweeping the streets. I think they’re making a great impact on the area.

  1. How has this pandemic affected your business?

Since we only aimed to launch our business at the end of 2020, we’re lucky to have dodged the hardships that we would have experienced if we had opened at the beginning of 2020. So, we were fortunate that the only impact that the pandemic had on our business was delaying our launch by a few months. However, I still feel that we took a big risk opening up when we did, as everything was quite uncertain. But I’m glad that we took the leap – navigating the unpredictability of the last few weeks has taught us a lot.

  1. What advice would you give to other new businesses owners?

I think that the best advice I can offer new business owners is to maintain sight of your brand’s purpose and vision, and to keep your long-term and short-term goals front-of-mind. Then I would say, when times get tough, just remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing and keep your head up.

We highly recommend that you pop past Molweni’s vibrant red and orange container, on the corner of Orange and Dorman Street, for your morning cuppa en route to the office. In the meantime, you can visit their website to learn more about them here.

Cape Town’s first COVID-friendly food hub is here!

Africa’s first dining experience designed specifically to be COVID-friendly has just launched on our very own Kloof Street! The Real Foods Group’s latest creation, Kloof Street Village, is a community of four of their food brands – Nü Health Food Café, Schoon Bread Café, and the group’s newest additions, Free Bird and Kofi.

This innovative COVID-inspired establishment has been specifically designed to abide by national COVID-19 rules and regulations, and used the latest technology to enable contactless transactions on self-order kiosks (a mobile app that allows customers to order from either of the restaurants using a QR code), socially distanced tables, and large windows, allowing for more than enough air circulation. Customers are also able to order ahead using the Mobi app, and can collect takeaway orders from a dedicated contactless area.

In a Bizcommunity article, Dean Kowarski – CEO of Real Foods – states: “COVID-19 has changed casual dining, so we’ve embraced the new requirements for a safe dining experience at Kloof Street Village and have considered how people want to socialise. Although the site was secured prior to lockdown, we completely redesigned the restaurant during lockdown by conceptualising what it would take for maximum health and safety. The store features perspex screens to cordon off certain areas, while still allowing for a social vibe between socially distanced tables. Technology is used to facilitate contactless transactions and there is a large outdoor seating area for fresh-air and summer socialising.”

The new establishment was a collaborative effort from four award-winning local architects and designers, who joined forces to create a clean and modern space that allows each brand to uphold its unique identity, yet still compliment the overall design. Their intention was to create a beautiful space where customers enjoy spending their time, and feel safe while doing so.

So, what exactly can you find in this culinary hub?

Nü Health Food Café

Image source: Nu’s Facebook page.

Nü has been around for a few years now, scattered around the Atlantic Seaboard or in select Virgin Active Health Clubs. Nü’s philosophy is centred around food as a source of medicine for the body, and follows forward-thinking science and food trends, sourcing nutritionally-dense ingredients from the best local suppliers.

A few menu highlights include a delicious Vegan Burrito, an Asian-inspired Salmon Bowl, and of course, their range of fluffy flapjacks and waffles. Have a look at their menu – you won’t be disappointed!

Schoon Bread Café

Image source: Schoon’s Facebook page.

Previously only located in Stellenbosch and Somerset West, Schoon is finally making its City Bowl debut. This Café regularly collaborates with the best local artisans and farmers, using their products to create high quality, clean food. While its focus is on bread and pastries, its chefs are passionate about good food and always experimenting with new concepts to bring unique café-style dishes.

We recommend their Mosbolletjie French Toast and Chickpea Smash Sandwich. And you have to grab a few pastries on your way out, of course! You can browse their menu here:

Free Bird

Image source: Freebird’s Facebook page.

Free Bird was launched in the midst of the national lockdown, when Real Foods CEO, Dean Kowarski, noted that the South African food scene lacked a premium free-range crispy chicken burger and strips concept. This crispy fried chicken is different from the greasy chicken that we’re used to, as only locally-sourced clean, wholesome ingredients are used when making it.

Our menu favourites have to be their Kimchi Burger, their Crispy Strips, or their hand-cut Waffle Crisps. Take a look at their full menu here:


Lastly, what would a Cape Town culinary village be without a source of premium small-batch roasted African coffee? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Real Foods’ new concept, Kofi, along with a wine, beer and spirits list curated by Publik Wine.

Kloof Street Village can be found in the new development on the corner of Kloof and Rheede Street in Gardens. Pay them a visit and let us know what you think!

Local business feature: On Safari’s Wildlife Photographic Studio

We want to foster the community spirit which has been so evident over the last few months and encourage residents to invest in their neighbours. To do this, we’re spotlighting one local business each month.

This week we spoke to Nigel Whitehead, owner of On Safari’s Wildlife Photographic Studio of 99 B Kloof Street to find out about his experience of working in the Oranje-Kloof area, and how he has dealt with the pandemic.

Tell us about your business and why you’re based in the GP/OKCID area.

My business is called On Safari’s Wildlife Photographic Studio. I was born in Zimbabwe, so naturally I’ve grown up with a passion for my country and its wild beauty. This fascination fuelled my career, and I became a wildlife photographer as well as an enthusiast! I’ve worked in various wildlife conservancies in both South Africa and Botswana. Each year I travel to different reserves in Africa to capture my beloved fauna and flora, and my final photographs are on display in my gallery. I also own the Picturesque Framing studio next door, so I can advise clients on all aspects of framing.

Being in the trendy Kloof Street area is fun, but also ideal for my target market because it attracts lots of tourists for my wildlife gallery in peak season. I also love the number of restaurants in the area – it creates an upbeat atmosphere.

How has this pandemic affected your business?

My sales are dependent on the number of tourists in the area, so it has affected my business substantially. I’ve relied on a few local sales, and had to use my savings to get through this, which will hopefully continue to keep my head above water until things return to ‘normal’.

Have you felt the presence of the GP/OKCID in your area, and has it helped your business in any way during this pandemic?

Having the GP/OKCID in our area is definitely a bonus in terms of security and keeping the area clean.

What advice would you give to other businesses, based on your experience of keeping yours running during this pandemic?

Keeping your business going is so important for the area. There are a lot of beautiful stores in the area which is great for attracting clients and keeping the area vibrant.

You can browse and shop Nigel’s work online on his website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email him at, or alternatively call him on +27 066 253 4151 during operating hours, or on

+27 82 659 5277 after hours.

Local Business Q&A – Renée Rossouw International Hair & Make-Up Artist

COVID-19 has hit our local businesses hard, and the impact will last for a long time to come. We want to support the community spirit which has been so evident these last few months and encourage residents to invest in their neighbours. To do this, we’re spotlighting one local business each month.

This week we spoke to Renée, owner of International Hair & Make-Up Artist, to find out about her experience of working in the Oranje-Kloof area, and how she has dealt with the pandemic.

Tell us about your business and why you’re based in the GP/OKCID area.

My business is called International Hair & Make-Up Artist, established on 14 September 2004. What makes my business unique is the high standard of hairdressing services, hair styling services and make-up artistry I offer. I enjoy running my business in the GP/OKCID area because it is lively, vibrant and friendly.

How has this pandemic affected your business?

I still offer my full range of salon services, such as hair cutting; evening up-styles; hair colouring; chemical services and treatments for men, women and children, however my clients’ health and safety is my top priority, so I provide a more sterilised and personalised environment.

–  Clients are required to wear their face mask whenever possible, and I am sure to wear my mask at all times.

–  Their temperatures are checked on entry and hands sanitised.

–  Should their temperature be 37.5 degrees or above, they are not permitted to enter the Hair and Make-up Studio.

–  A health questionnaire is to be completed on arrival, and customers’ names and phone numbers are recorded for contact tracing in the event of another client reporting symptoms.

–  Surfaces and workstations are cleaned and disinfected between use.

Have you felt the presence of the GP/OKCID in your area, and has it helped your business in any way during this pandemic?

I am constantly aware of the GP/OKCID presence in my area and am able to call on them quickly, should the need arise.  The pandemic has not affected their availability in my area.

What advice would you give to other businesses, based on your experience of keeping yours running during this pandemic?

Remain positive and keep on being there for each other. This too shall pass. All will be well.

Take a look at Renée’s work on her website. Whether you would like hair and make-up done for a special occasion, or work in the film and fashion industries, you can contact her at Alternatively, you can call her on 021 426 4479 or 082 649 5502.

Bop to the beats of Boney M: top four spots for your Christmas gig

It’s that time of year again. You walk into Pick n Pay with Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ blasting through the speakers while you fill your basket with a glazed gammon and pre-made peppermint crisp tart. Or alternatively, you prepare yourself for the annual Christmas work lunch where you all eat too much, dance, and sing to Boney M’s ‘Little Drummer Boy’ far too loudly. Although corny and sometimes exhausting, it’s the time of year that we can’t help but love, and so we’re here to guide you to the best spots in the Oranje-Kloof area where you can host the most glorious Christmas events catering to a wide range of budgets.

Kloof Street House

At the foot of Cape Town’s vibrant Kloof Street, risen from a fairy-lit garden, lies a dining oasis. Set in a magnificent Victorian house, this restaurant is a collection of interesting rooms and spaces, each bursting with a character of its own. Kloof Street House is a venue that has everything for every occasion: live jazz for a relaxed Christmas lunch, candle lit dinners in their dining rooms, or festive cocktails under the trees in the garden. The delicious meals, cosy ambience and friendly staff will make you and the rest of your party feel right at home.

Find them at:

Address: 30 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town


Contact: +27 21 423 4413/+27 82 775 4945 or on


Around the legendary Olive tree in the city bowl, the famous Asoka unfurls. Long known as the gem of Kloof Street, Asoka provides a sensual experience where the music is intoxicating, and the energy is palpable.

They believe in the power of food and music to bring people together, providing the perfect base for a gorgeous Christmas dinner party. Celebration is at the core of Asoka’s ethos, and they’ve curated their spaces to be special locations for a variety of personalised festivities.  For more information on the beautiful spaces to choose from, including their private rooms, their deck, or to book out the restaurant, find them at:

Address: 68 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town


Contact: +27 21 422 0909/+27 82 775 4945 and


Situated in the centre of one of the Mother City’s busiest estuaries, Workshop17 Kloof Street brings together some of the country’s best and most inspiring minds in a truly beautiful 4-story building offering scenic views of the City under the shade of Table Mountain.

Designed as a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs and businesses, it offers beautiful event spaces that allow for a ton of customisation. For more information on event bookings and options, find them at:

Address: 32 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town


Contact: +27 (0)21 205 9000 or

Bacini’s portable food trucks

If you’ve already found a beautiful space with sprawling lawns, and just need a delicious and easy catering solution, Bacini’s food trucks are perfect for you. This little corner of Italy has gone mobile: Bacini’s food trucks are fitted to cater to all types of events, with a minimum of 100 people.

For more information, visit Bacini’s at:

Address: 117 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town


Contact: 021 423 6668


Finding a balance: get that beauty treatment you’ve always wanted.

Striking the balance between what you need to get done and time for yourself can be a difficult task, but don’t let pampering yourself fall off your to-do list!

Being situated in the CBD has its perks, and one of them is the proximity to an array of spas to choose from. Take the time to get the treatment you’ve always wanted to during your lunch break from  the office, or between tourist attractions if you’re in Cape Town on holiday. Here are our top picks of heavenly places to indulge in revitalising therapy on Kloof Street in Gardens:

Elements on Kloof

This local favourite has been providing luxuries treatments for 15 years and prides itself on ‘embracing all aspects of well-being’. They have a great selection of treatments and products you can choose from to make sure every part of your body is taken care of, from a relaxing massage to a refreshing facial.

Elements on Kloof is open 7 days a week from 8.30 am to 7pm and has a parking bay reserved for clients which is an added bonus.

Find them on the 2ndfloor at 39 Kloof Street

Contact: 021 426 2459


This spa is named after the African Goddess of the Ocean, and has a lovely calming atmosphere. Take your pick from a selection of treatments – giving you the opportunity to go for an old favourite or try something new. If you’re looking for a different way of beautifying – Yemaya is the perfect place.

They’re open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm to ensuring you get the time to pamper yourself – and you can book via WhatsApp which is another great timesaver: 079 059 5616

Find them at  50 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Contact: 021 422 0006

Sorbet Nails on Kloof

If you’re looking to get the perfect manicure or pedicure, you can’t beat Sorbet Nails on Kloof. They have more colours than you can count – so whether you’re looking for something subtle or unique, it won’t disappoint.

They’re also open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm and can be found at 50 Kloof Street, Lifestyle On Kloof, Ground Floor, Shop G 08 B

Contact: 021 422 0009

Eye Candy Brows

This boutique salon specializes in threading and creating the perfect ‘brow’. You can get anything from lip threading, to shaping cleaning up any area from the neck-up.

They’re open weekdays from 10am to 6pm and you can find them at 99C Kloof Street

Contact: 021 422 0046

Post a comment and let us know what other local spas we should add to this list.

Must-visit spots for First Thursdays

The concept of First Thursday is a simple one: it is a public event that spans across cities with the intention of encouraging more people to enjoy Cape Town’s art and culture scene. Art galleries and cultural events around Cape Town stay open until late on the first Thursday of every month.

The city is just waiting to be explored, but where to begin? Here is our pick of four must do’s when the next First Thursdays rolls around.


Da Vincis on Kloof

Ok, so this is technically not an official partaker of the culture mania, but who can go exploring on an empty stomach?

Da Vincis has a menu full of everyone’s favourites: pizza, pasta, burgers, milkshakes – the list goes on. The waiters are friendly and quick on their feet, so waiting is never a worry. Visit them in Kloof Street to get fuelled for a night of First Thursday fun. PS – half price happy hour is from 16h30 – 18h30 and includes starters as well as selected drinks.


On Orange Hotel

If you aren’t a night owl, but have friends that pester you to get out more, movie nights at 15 on Orange hotel are a great choice. There is no pressure to get too crazy; you get to enjoy a good film with delicious popcorn, and feel slightly more artsy than if you had visited a commercial cinema.

Officially titled The Autograph Collection, Art of Gin First Thursday Movie Nights offers you an opulent, elegantly furnished lounge-style cinema and the experience to go with it. Give it a try! Running until 3 October 2019.


Kloof Street House

Normally the place to be for live jazz on a Sunday, the opulent interior of Kloof Street House lights up on First Thursdays. Grab a glass of vino and take a gander around the beautiful décor as you make your way down Kloof Street to the centre of activities.

The music is guaranteed to be loud, but the company will be louder – you are sure to run into a few theatrical types on First Thursdays. Strike up a conversation and let your creative juices flow as you sip whiskey with Cape Town’s creatives.


Youngblood Africa

Welcome to the most diverse chamber of the arts in Cape Town. Youngblood serves as a gallery that hosts dance performances, physical theatre, swing dance classes, book launches and musical performances.

Any of these can be expected at First Thursdays. Our best advice would be to just show up, stay open to whatever experience may come your way, and remember to always pack your dancing shoes!

And as always, your safety is top of mind for our safety officers, who are always on hand if you need them. Please save our 24-hour patrol vehicle number: 082 217 1386. Also remember to walk in groups, and keep valuables out of sight.

OKCID gears to welcome Workshop 17 to Kloof Street

The much anticipated opening of the 4th shared office space by Workshop17 is on track to open its doors in July, with the official launch scheduled to coincide with First Thursdays on 1 August 2019. The new location, along with The Harrington space, will add more than 60 private offices to the Workshop17 portfolio in the city centre.  

“There has been a demand for increased private office space as some companies have outgrown our other locations and are looking at moving into private offices and dedicated spaces,” commented Workshop17 Marketing Manager, Britta Dahms. 

The new space is being refurbished in partnership with Growthpoint Properties, the owners of the building currently under construction on 32 Kloof Street. Both parties agreed that the active business and tech culture coupled with the vibrant buzz on Kloof presented the perfect location for the latest shared office space in the Workshop17 offering.

Boasting a variety of packages to suit varying business requirements, there are a range of benefits to the different membership options:

  • Community Memberships are recommended for those that only need access to Wi-Fi and café areas with no access to meeting and board rooms required;
  • Occasional Memberships are suggested for members that are based out of town and travel often, requiring only 60 hours per month in the space;
  • Light and Full Memberships are similar in their offering, providing the member with meeting room credits to book rooms as well as a discount to additional bookings;
  • Full Memberships are recommended for teams, allowing reduced rates per team member with 24-hour access to all Workshop17 locations countrywide.

“We aim to be inclusive of all business sectors and be a part of the business journey, especially with startups and entrepreneurs,” said Dahms.

Commenting on the home for their new space, Dahms added: “The OKCID has played a great role in uplifting the area over the last couple of years and Workshop17 looks forward to assisting by adding to the already vibrant community. Members to Workshop17 are welcome to bring their bicycles and cycle to work if they live in the Oranje-Kloof area. Our other spaces in The Harrington and Watershed also welcome cyclists, encouraging members to get out into the open air, cycle between locations and enjoy our beautiful city.

With the digital nomad and shared office space trend on the rise, the Oranje-Kloof City Improvement District (OKCID) welcomes the new development on 32 Kloof Street. Marc Truss, OKCID Chief Executive, commented: “The Oranje-Kloof area is home to many thriving and up-and-coming businesses. The addition of such an innovative establishment not only increases our credibility as an on-trend, buzzing hub in the city centre, but improves the safety of the area through regular foot traffic and increased activity on the street. We look forward to assisting with ensuring the safety of our newest neighbours and trust you will enjoy the clean, safe space that is upheld through the service of the dedicated OKCID team.”

OKCID welcomes 117KLOOF

What do antiques, interiors, plants and good food all have in common? The answer is

117KLOOF, of course! This new kid on the block challenges the traditional dining experience, providing a sanctuary where you can feast on artisanal food whilst enjoying the calming greenery that this refurbished auto workshop space affords.

Daniel Holland is the owner of the esteemed YOURS TRULY group, which has been known to create inviting spaces for the stylish Capetonian local and visiting tourist alike. YOURS TRULY and Today and Tomorrow are two thriving restaurants on Kloof Street, which are now joined by their new sister restaurant, 117KLOOF.

Have you ever had that feeling where you just really like the chair you’re sitting on and wouldn’t mind taking it home? Well, now you can, as this nursery/ café is furnished with a quirky collection of décor and furniture that is available for sale. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think antiques is old stuff, auctions and grandma’s garage…well think again, because antiques just got a whole lot cooler. Can I have a takeaway rug with that latte?

Holland’s creative juices seem to be at an all-time high – with suspended chairs, ever-changing antique furniture, and an inviting “kombuis-tafel” style table running down the length of the interior – many a friendship is destined to be born in the space that feels more like a friend’s yard on a summer’s day, than it does a restaurant. Can you hear the birds and water features?

And that’s not all – the food itself won’t leave anything to be desired. The chef’s table menu is changed weekly depending on availability of fresh local produce. Dishes are described as ‘uncomplicated’ and there is always be a vegetarian option available. Delicious croissants are available daily, offering the perfect accompaniment to your hot beverage of choice. This unique space offers an experience not to be missed.

117KLOOF is open from Tuesday to Friday from 8am – 5pm, closing at 3pm on weekends. The coffee hatch is open from 6am – 3pm and the venue is available for hosting events too.

Put this latest Kloof Street gem on your June ‘to do’ list today!



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If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible.